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Not Dick-in Around…Sporting Goods Retailer Steps Up Marketing Game

Dick's is bringing it

Dick’s is bringing it

I’ve always been a sports fan. The whole marketing thing only developed over the past 15 years or so. So don’t mind me when I occasionally let the leisurely and professional co-mingle for awhile. Which takes me to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Truth be told, I’m not sure I’ve ever stepped into a Dick’s store. But I’ll be damned if they haven’t made me a brand believer.

You see, I didn’t grow up around Dick’s either. Nope. I had one crappy Modell’s and some better tiny independents that sadly have disappeared since my shin guards, helmet, batting gloves and chin strap days. The Dick’s I did know growing up, and even into my older years, was not much of anything that I would seemingly seek out. It sounded and felt a little old and lame. And, from what I saw, they acted a bit like it too. Maybe it made sense for them. But, as recently as a few years ago, even Darrelle Revis, Ryan Howard and others flying to life crashing across Dick’s store floors seemed like a brand trying too hard and still missing the mark. Someone reaching for the ingredients it new were right, but still mixing the mark with the recipe. Yes, I was probably 30 by that time and likely not the “target audience,” but I’d like to think my mental state was still that of a younger athlete.

Anyway, this all takes me to today…and what I like to think of as the new Dick’s (whether the retail experience matches up, I still can’t tell you…unless they’re opening up any stores in Manhattan). They are bringing it. Real. Good. Marketing. Authentic to the game. Emotional. Believable. Powerful. All the pieces of the puzzle, and they’re finally coming together. Big ups are definitely in order to the brand who recognized a need to relate in a different way. And, as an agency person, one needs to recognize their new-ish partners at Anomaly obviously have MUCH to do with the welcome shift.

First, there was this as we’ve alluded to before

Quality, quality stuff. Taps into the whole holiday cheesiness thing without a hint of cheddar. OK, maybe a little, but it’s the good stuff.

More recently, it’s been the more Nike/Gatorade-reminiscent sports. Tapping into the emotion of largely high school sport using what appear to be…get this…high school athletes. Amazing how genuine something can feel when it actually is. Anyway, it just gets me. It makes me feel like it would work for me as a 14 or 16 or 18 year-old too. Or the father of one if I ever get there. “Every Season Starts at Dick’s” makes good sense too. Although, I can lose the whole “Untouchable” line (too forced, doesn’t sound like something even those young folk would be saying…but who am I).

It started with this anthem a year ago.

They appear to be sticking with the formula with the more recent spots released this past month. I approve.

That’s all. Just wanted to make that clear. Yup, Dick’s is doing it. Who whudda thunk it?

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