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Ohio State’s chill-inducing national championship trailer is fantastic


Commence spine-tingly chills.

Damn, I love this sh*t.

THE Ohio State Buckeyes are set to lock horns with the mighty Ducks of Oregon on Monday night for the national title. In today’s day and age, you can’t have that big a moment in your program’s history and NOT produce your version of the EPIC, VIRAL, HYPE-Y, PUMP-UP trailer.

The Buckeyes have done just that. And, unlike the Duke basketball one which I didn’t care for at all (I’m sure that has nothing to do with THAT program…sarcasm), this one gets me STOKED for Monday night. Hell, I’m not even a Buckeyes fan, and I’m ready to run through walls. Haven’t decided where to whom I’ll toss my allegiances behind, but THE Ohio State though has already won the trailer battle.

Let’s lock and load!

Hey, Oregon, we know you “love your Ducks.” Your move.

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