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Old man Moyer making a run at history

Rock of ages (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Rock of ages (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

I’m 34 years old. Back in 10th grade, I had a stress fracture in my shoulder from pitching and catching…constantly. It still hurts. Side note: high school coaches…after your teenage pitches five or six innings, don’t put him behind the plate and ask him to throw runners out. It typically it ends poorly. More recently, I had a bout with an unidentified and mysterious muscle enzyme virus that left me struggling to turn a door knob or open the refrigerator door. Perhaps that explains why my appreciation for Jamie Moyer’s most recent accomplishment may seem slightly over-the-top.

Moyer, who will turn 50 (f%$!ing 50, people!) this November, has recently been named a member of the Colorado Rockies starting rotation. The veteran left-handed pitcher will start Colorado’s second game of the season. He has appeared in games in four decades. Simply starting as a Major League pitcher at age 49 is deserving of its own kudos. However, it is only that much more impressive when one considers Moyer sat out the majority of the 2011 season after suffering an elbow injury and then undergoing Tommy John surgery. For most pro hurlers with a Moyer-like resume that accounts for over 4,000 innings pitched, 267 wins, an All-Star appearance and a World Championship ring (among other off-the-field accolades for his community service), that would surely have been the sign to step off the mound and maybe away from the game. Not Mr. Moyer.

He’s battled his way back, gone through the rehab and now earned his spot on the Rockies compliments of an impressive spring. This is not Julio Franco sitting on the bench at the same age and coming up to pinch hit once every third game. This is a starting pitcher. I can’t even begin to fathom. I’ll be ecstatic if I can last 20 minutes playing catch with my kid 16 years from now. We’ll be keeping an eye on Ole’ Man Moyer here at The Legend. When Moyer takes the hill against the Astros on April 7, he will also have a chance to make history. A victory would make him the oldest Major Leaguer to ever accomplish such a feat.

We’ll be pulling for him. Heck, with 267 wins, we’re all aboard the 300-win train for this guy. He’s certainly earned it. And what’s another few seasons anyway, right?

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