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Paul Finebaum calls Jadeveon Clowney ‘a joke’


The hype around Jadeveon Clowney heading into this season was off the charts. Can you really blame anyone? Clowney’s been a freak that we’ve followed on this blog long before he stepped foot in Columbia, South Carolina. The residuals of this were sure to last through the off-season and right into the 2013 campaign.

It’s what got him on the cover of SI and why ESPN created this commercial to promo their season slate.

But what’s gone on since? Clowney’s stats haven’t jumped off the page, but, as my buddy and Gamecocks backer emphasizes, the numbers don’t tell the story. Clowney still changes the game. He draws constant double teams and offensive coordinators scheme around him. Watch and you can see teams literally running away from Clowney.

However, it’s not even his quiet numbers that are making noise. Instead, it’s his injuries, sickness and/or laziness depending on who you talk to. Paul Finebaum, a longtime staple of SEC land and now on ESPN, has a clear opinion. During an appearance on ESPN today, Finebaum called Clowney a “disgrace” and the “biggest joke in college football.”

Who knows the deal. Maybe Clowney’s really hurt, sick and tired. Or perhaps he’s just checked out for his junior campaign and counting the seconds to the first selection in the NFL draft — a spot many do not expect him to slip past. The bigger question may be. Does anyone besides Finebaum (and Spurrier) really care?

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