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Pee Wee "Wrong Ball" Trick Just Wrong

The Interwebs have been buzzing with some recent trick plays from those young tots honing their gridiron skills across this fine country. Bob’s Blitz featured the late-game call of a pee wee fumblerooksi earlier this week. Among other things, this brought up some conversation among a few sports bloggers about the relative “ethics” of running intricately-orchestrated trickeration with kids who are too short to reach a urinal.

Long story short, I don’t have much problem with the fumblerooski. It’s a kind of kiddy-type trick play anyway. You want to run a statue of liberty? I’m cool with that, too. Heck, I’m sure the munchkins even loved just to hear the word fumblerooksi. Just sounds fun doesn’t it? But when do tiny football shenanigans cross the line? What’s too far? Well, this may just be a good example.

Deadspin linked to Complex’s top 50 trick plays in football history (which, as an aside, I highly recommend if you have three hours to kill) this morning and showcased one particular gimmick play that caught my attention. Judge for yourselves, people. The reaction of the grown men coaching the lil Eagles may be the most embarrassing piece of it all. Wrong ball play? I say just plain wrong. It makes me want to punch the coach in the f-in head. Does that make you feel good about yourself, big guy? YOU COACHING MASTERMIND, YOU. Pathetic.

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  1. Anonymous

    November 18, 2010 at 8:43 am

    I can guarantee you that this toolbag of a coach can tell you what his "career" win & loss record is. And, if his kid plays on this team, when the kid is in high school and cannot get on the field because he was never taught skills at the younger levels, this twack guy will be griping at the coach saying, "well, when I was his coach we won all the time."

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