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Penn St. t-shirt labels NCAA communists

Shock value

Shock value

It’s a good PR day for the folks at Smack Apparel. Well, depending on how you look at it. Forget about uniforms, the new talk of State College – and the blogosphere – is those commie t-shirts.

It seems the folks at Smack have done what any good marketers try to do — take advantage of current events and capitalize on a pertinent discussion  to benefit the brand/business. And while this one may drive up their page views in the near-term, my guess is that it might not be worth it given the calls they’re probably receiving this morning from the NCAA (and likely Penn St.), even though they likely have the legal standing to do exactly what they’re doing.

And just to quell any of the uproar, these beauties are not being sold in the Penn St. campus bookstore as earlier reported by some outlets. Rather, this is an unlicensed product being carried in one of the independent shops in the area. Wouldn’t be surprised if a camera or two is stopping by that joint today too.

Who cares that this t-shirt doesn’t even make sense! Shock value, baby! Oh, how we love you Interwebs!



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