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Perfect game perspective: views from the stands

Pitcher perfect 
(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Pitcher perfect
(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

I’ve never seen a perfect game in-person. I’ve never seen a no-hitter for that matter. I am the guy who is a lifelong Mets fan who was invited on a Friday night in June to watch Johan Santana and the Mets. I am the guy who declined. Allllrighty then!

Anyway, the point is that the drama around a no-hitter, and even moreso a perfect game, is tremendous. I was at work during yesterday’s perfect matinee from King Felix and snuck off into a conference room for the final inning. Pure. Magic. And as good as it is to watch on TV, it has to be unforgettable in person. Luckily for us modern folk, the proliferation of camera-enabled smartphones, YouTube and the like, allow us to feel what it might be like from the stands. At least a little bit…

Our thanks to the following YouTube heroes who sacrificed (at least to some degree) rampant leaping and unbridled leg-shaking, high-fiving, chest-bumping and the like to capture video of the live event.

/repeatedly bangs head into desk for missing Santana no-no

Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle Mariners
April 20, 2012
Safeco Field
Phillip Humber earns first win in perfect form

Houston Astros vs. San Francisco Giants
June 13, 2012
AT&T Park
Matt Cain blanks the ‘Stros
“Can-a-corn, can-a-corn!”

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Seattle Mariners
August 15, 2012
Safeco Field
King Felix perfectly quiets Rays

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