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Phelps Finish Most "TiVo’d" Sports Moment Ever?

I was sitting with my fiancee, sister and brother-in-law in a D.C. apartment. Like millions of others, we were glued to Mr. Olympics himself as he prepared for the 100M butterfly and a run at gold medal number seven.

We watched that minute of action on the edge of our seats. And then we hit rewind. Pause. Forward, ultra slo-mo. Rewind. Pause. Forward. Ultra slo-mo. Rewind. Pause. Scrutinize. Debate.

My brother-in-law’s DVR experienced its most taxing workout in months. Which got me to thinking…how many millions around the world were doing that very same thing at that very same moment? How many husbands and wives, families, aspiring young athletes, fat dudes at the bar and every other segment of TV-viewing society were replaying this event, extracting that singular moment when Phelps and Cavic stretched to that wall and using the wondrous technology that is the DVR to break it down over and over again?

As we began down that path, we started doing those mock equations they supposedly ask you in b-school interviews (or so I’ve heard). Hundreds of millions of homes…percentage watching Olympics in primetime and tuned into Phelps…those with a TiVo or DVR recording device…

Where we landed? Last night’s photo finish could be the most DVR’d (in the sense of “replayed”) sporting event in history. Its competition? The first that came to our mind was Timberlake-Jackson and Nipplegate during Super Bowl XXXVIII, if you consider a wardrobe malfunction a sporting “event.” If not, what else could be in contention (working against the general premise that DVR has been around for the past decade or so)? What other events were viewed by as many people and provided a moment that nearly demanded the viewer snatch the remote and replay again and again, regardless of how many times the network provided the same service?

Mike Jones’s tackle of Kevin Dyson in the Rams Super Bowl win over the Titans in January of 2000?Jeter’s out-of-nowhere flip to Posada to tag out Giambi at the plate during the 2001 ALDS? Any of those ridiculous plays from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl? Tyree? I’m not sure any can challenge last night’s 100M fly for modern sports moment time-shifting supremacy. What say you readers? Are we forgetting and obvious challenger?

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