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Prepare for a Brandon Jacobs blowup in 5, 4, 3…

Big. Baby.

Big. Baby.

Despite my wife’s belief, I’ve got nothing against the Giants. I’m a Jets fan, but you can’t knock the Big Blue as a franchise. They’ve done pretty damn well in my lifetime. That said, I always thought Brandan Jacobs was a bitch during his tenure as a New York Giant. Whining. Dogging it at times. Busting it at others. Never seemingly satisfied unless the spotlight was on him.

Now, Jacobs is a 49er. And he’s at it again. Five games in, he’s yet to carry the rock in the regular season. The big man injured a knee in the preseason and has been held out through the Niners initial run to 4-1. With the Giants on the docket this weekend, the attention on the return of former G-Men Manningham and Jacobs was inevitable. You can bet the latter isn’t too keen on the fact he’s yet to contribute anything…and he wasn’t share about spouting on the topic.

I give Jacobs a few more weeks. The implosion is coming. The Giants decided he wasn’t worth the headache for the production. Maybe San Francisco is finding out the same thing. Either way, the odds are looking good on a pending meltdown.

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