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Q-Rich is a Ramblin’ Man

It’s hard for me to feel completely bad for NBA players who’ve accumulated many millions of dollars over their respective careers. Yet, I am experiencing some mild sympathy pangs for my boy Q.

Richardson, who was never overly impressive but always put out a decent effort on the floor in NY over the course of three seasons, is now heading to his third team this summer. According to the latest reports, he’s on his way to Minneapolis as part of a multi-player deal that will ship Sebastian Telfair, Mark Madsen and Craig Smith out west to L.A. Whether the Wolves are making way for Ricky Rubio is up for debate.

What’s not hard to decipher is that Q is quickly on his way to being one of those NBA vagabonds we kinda lumped him in with earlier this summer. Kinda clairvoyant, eh? The Wolves will now be Q’s sixth NBA franchise, and if he keeps up his recent pace there’s no reason to think we won’t be able to claim at least temporary membership of half the league’s squads by opening tip later this fall.

Good luck in Minny, Q, or wherever the winds take you.

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