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Rain delay shenanigans: our college baseball top five


Rain delays. Once the bane of a fan’s existence. But, for college kids today, a new platform for unbridled personal expression.

Fueled by the avant-garde dance-off performance of the UCONN and USF men during an extended 2009 weather hiatus, the college baseball rain delay entertainment industry has taken off. Here are a few of our favorites from every level of college diamond competition.

USF/UCONN Danceoff (2009)
It garnered the attention of ESPN and set the wheels of rain delay shenanigans in motion. The train hasn’t stopped rolling since. This set includes the chicken dance, macarena, some Michael Jackson and even a little James Brown. Huge points for spontaneity and creativity across the board – in a Big East tourney game no less!

Western Kentucky/Florida Atlantic: Moshing and More (2010)
This one had the “roller coaster” and some of the now-old-standbys before they’d gone “mainstream.” We particularly liked the rock concert mosh pit and Shake Weight transformation circle. But the sniper in the stands could be the coup de grace.

Radford/High Point: The Joust (2011)
The boys from Radford and High Point stole the show during their rain delay in 2011. While the half-naked “Jump On  It!” exhibition was nice, it was the jousting match that captured the hearts and minds of Americans.

Clemson/Davidson: Leisure Sports (2011)
Perhaps inspired by their jousting counterparts, Clemson and Davidson took the play-acting dynamic to heights previously unknown. In this six-minute clip, you’ll live the magic that is created when two fun-lovin’ squads try to fill the dead time with popular leisure sports and other activities. The Tigers and Wildcats enjoyed bowling, hunting, golf, tennis and curling, along with some seven-on-seven football and a revolutionary war battle among other engagements. The play-by-play commentary from the booth helped make this an instant classic.

Edgewood/Rockford: On the Can (2012)
Edgewood and Rockford might not have the name recognition of some of the other bigger programs to grace this list. But they lack nothing in the enthusiasm and creativity departments. After dozens of imitators, it’s tough to bring something completely new to the table. The boys go down some familiar routes, but score extra points for moose hunting, the four-man bobsled and a squat rack session. It was the squatting of another kind that scored bonus points in our book, though, complete with reading material (see 6:15 mark or so).

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