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Rangers Cap Incredible Sweep with Third Straight Walk-off Home Run


Maybe this happens more frequently than I’m aware, but, in the words of Tommy Boy…THAT…WAS…AWWWW-ESOME.

I’m referring to last night’s walkoff home run in Arlington that vaulted the Texas Rangers to a win over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and a series sweep. As well as the one before that. And, oh yes,  the one before that one too.

For those not tracking, Adrian Beltre clocked a 2-2 pitch way out to left for a solo shot that gave the Texas Rangers a walkoff win. Walkoffs are fun and all. Particularly when via the long ball. The drama factor is cranked up when you’re edging into August and in a pennant race. But all that pales in comparison to combining all those elements and multiplying it TIMES THREE.

Yes, Wednesday night marked the third consecutive evening that the Rangers concluded the night’s affair with a long ball and home plate dance party celebration . You can’t ask for much more excitement in one series if you’re a Rangers fan. Two comebacks. Three walk-off wins and all helping the ball club stay in the thick of things in the AL West and the Wild Card race.

Check out this video that shows all three winning blasts. PHE-nomenal.


  1. Angel

    October 25, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    You must of been reading my mind. I have been thniikng the same all day. Why don’t you start a campaine to televise winter ball, that way we would get to follow many of the RANGERS younger players. Sorry to read about RUDY, he has been a great hitting coach. The RANGER are going to miss him!


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