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Remember Those Amazin’ Mets? Ah, Screw ‘Em…

People love anniversaries. They’re warm, fuzzy and nostalgic. They let us take trips back in time, usually to celebrate something a second or third (or fifth) time because there’s nothing new to celebrate. Marketing folks in particular really love anniversaries. Corporation’s been around 10 years? Happy anniversary! Got a brand that’s entering its 25th year on the market? It’s party time! 15th year since our 1 millionth widget sold? Break out the champagne!

It’s no different in sports. Organizations take every opportunity to relive the past and remind fans of the storied tradition and gloooorious history of their respective franchises. In the case of teams with relatively little real success (ahem), the tendency is to celebrate those rare occasions of superiority with even greater vigor. Such was the case with the Mets non-stop tributes and on-field recognition throughout the 2006 season bowing at the feet of Hernandez, Darling, Straw and others in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the ’86 World Series Champions.

Don’t get me wrong. I dig it, actually. I couldn’t get enough a few years back. It’s the only championship from one of my teams that I have experienced in my 31 years on this planet. The fact that I was nine years old matters not. I loved Nails and The Kid and Doc and Messy Jessie just as much as the next Mets fan.

So, it was with even great wonder that I read the following bit from the always-solid folks at Mets-centric Amazin’ Avenue earlier this morning. It was counter to everything I’ve ever learned or believed about the over-exuberant and unquestioning celebration of anniversaries.

Because this is the Mets’ first year at Citi Field, and because of the randomness of teams’ commemorations, the fact that this year is the 40th anniversary of the 1969 Mets has gone, to the best of my knowledge, unnoticed by the organization and media. It seems a little odd, especially given the hoopla of the ’86 Mets’ 20th anniversary three years ago. Nevertheless, the Miracle Mets were one of the most amazing teams in sports history. While their championship run wasn’t quite as dramatic as their successors’, or their team makeup as diverse, their seemingly impossible finish was one for the ages.

After taking all of a millisecond to ponder said theory, I determined that the wise scribes at Amazin’ Avenue are 100%, dead-on-balls accurate in their assessment. I haven’t heard a peep about the ’69 champs, which seems downright preposterous given it’s the same year the franchise opens up a new home and one would assume touting tradition would be a natural desire if not a byproduct of all the festivities. Especically since they’ve taken some heat for not paying enough homage within said new structure.

Yet, I’m a season-ticket holder who watches nearly every game and nary a peep about the 1969 squad? What gives? Why no love for the Miracle Mets? What happened to Ya Gotta Believe!? Ummm, people still call them the amazins’ for a reason. Anyway, for anyone who needs a refresher on the first Metros team to take home a title read through the entire 1969 Mets overview over at Amazin’ Avenue. For Mets management, how ’bout a lil’ respect for the boys who brought a championship to New York 40 years ago? After all, everyone loves a good anniversary celebration.

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