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Remember when the Jets were the Eagles back in 2009? Sanchez and Mariota parallels


The reports are EVERYWHERE! Sources galore! It’s a done deal! If Mariota is available at six, the Jets won’t take the Oregon signal caller. Why? Because Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles will be trading up to get him. It’s a deal the Jets won’t be able to refuse. Plus, the Jets just aren’t that into Marcus. So the rumors and scenario goes…as we sit a month and a half before the 2015 NFL Draft.

So, as a Jets fan, what do I think about all this? A few things. First, it makes me think back to 2009 when a certain team was sitting with the #17 pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. That team needed a quarterback (familiar story?). What did they do? They saw what they thought was a franchise guy and leaped up 12 spots to take the #5 pick from the Cleveland Browns. The Jets were that team. Their draft pick was Mark Sanchez.

Gang Green would end up giving the Brownies their #17 pick in the first round, along with the #52 pick overall and periphery players Kenyon Coleman, Abram Elam and Brett Ratliff. The Browns would eventually trade down again from 17 down to 21 and select offensive lineman Alex Mack. They would use the Jets second round pick at #52 on Hawaii OLB David Veikune.

A few days ago, former Eagles GM Howie Roseman shared his opinion that trading up in the first round for a single player historically “isn’t good for the team trading up and putting a lot of resources into it.” Well, what about the Jets example? In that trade, it’s basically comparing Sanchez to Mack. Veikune, revealing the true crapshoot of drafting overall, recorded five tackles in a three-year NFL career. Mack has gone to two Pro Bowls and developed into one of the league’s better centers. And Sanchez? Well, you could argue that a lot of different ways. Two AFC Championship games, but only four seasons in New York. Many things are debatable, but a “franchise quarterback” he certainly did not become.

Which brings us all the way back around. What if this rumor is true? What if Mariota falls to six and the Eagles are ready to throw  current and future draft picks (and maybe legitimate Eagles players) the Jets way? Should Jets fans be rooting for that scenario? My short answer. Yes. The foundational assumption being (if you believe the rumors) that we are not enamored with Mariota.

The Jets need serious help in a lot of places. One player can make a dramatic impact, but this squad has many holes to fill and young bodies to help fill them. If you assume we’re not hot on Mariota, the prevailing logic would point to a rush end (Folwer, Gregory ) a corner (Waynes) or a wide receiver (Cooper, White). Is that player worth leaving multiple additional picks on the table when you are essentially in rebuilding mode? I say no. If anyone is near-right on how hard Kelly is jonesin’ on MM, the package the Eagles will offer should be significantly sweeter than the Sanchez deal of six years ago. And it would have to be. The Jets should leverage their position, and the Eagles passion for the perfect player for their system, to push the envelope in terms of the return package.

It will be interesting to watch come late April. Will these rumors have proved true? Are the Jets fronting and were always in love with Mariota? Will he even be there, or will all this be a moot point?

THAT’s what makes this draft stuff so intriguing. You can bet on one thing though with my Jets. It will undoubtedly be entertaining.


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  4. Michael

    March 6, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    No way will Kelly wait for Jets 6 th pick
    He has to move up to the 2nd pick
    That will cost the Eagles a fortune
    You can’t build a team with just free agents
    If Kelly those for the 2nd pick and he will
    Eagles are going to be hard to watch for next 3 years
    OMG so not worth it

  5. Ivan

    December 4, 2015 at 1:03 pm

    I guess I am just sick of bitching Cowboy fans anroud here yeah, he did not like the trade up in round one move for a few reasons, but he never slammed the player as being bad. he laid out a both sides of the discussion, but got killed for the anti-Cowboy stance, called biased, etc. He is an Eagles fan, yes but he also is one of the most level headed football bloggers you will ever find.If you want true bias and awfulness, go check out Jason B’s work sometime (you know, the guy who made fun of a Cowboy fan on a link to an article about the Cowboy fan missing his deceased child?) go check out the Colt’s SBN site, or hell, just about any other blog. Jimmy is a good egg that gives credit when it fits, derision when it fits, and yes, sometimes he is wrong on both counts, but it is not bias (hell, he even admits his being wrong after the fact, which is bloody rare in today’s blogging environment).That said, I now await the label of apologist suck up, because that is what the script calls for in this situation. Start adding to the narrative NOW!

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