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Rex Ryan Takes Press Conference Into Film Room

Rex Breaks it Down
Via The Jets Blog
Rex Breaks it Down Via The Jets Blog

Rex Breaks it Down

This is great. Check out this link, because I, unfortunately, can’t embed the video from the New York Jets site. Basically, it’s Rex Ryan taking a daily press conference and turning into an in-depth film session. As someone in the communications field, I find this fascinating and fantastic.

You see, press conferences, particularly during training camp and the preseason must be agonizing for any NFL coach. People breaking down 7-on-7 INTs, offseason and off-the-field stuff, special teams’ blunders. Anything and everything. All of it based on a whole lot of speculation among everyone — many of whom have no business evaluating NFL talent. This includes the bulk of the press troop.

My point? Rex’s approach to Monday morning’s presser was really kind of revolutionary (and brilliant) in so many ways. Ryan opened up the session by going straight to the videotape (in the words of the legendary Warner Wolf). Next, he dove right into “basic” breakdown of film that’s old hat for coaches and players of most levels but is still utterly interesting, particularly for beat reporter types who may not have ever stepped on any fields higher than high school. Rexy decides to showcase some highlights, as well as some lowlights, of less-talked-about players like Jeff Cumberland and Kyle Wilson.

The effect? I can’t tell you straight out. But judging by the heads and rapt silence in the room, I think the media was enamored. And why wouldn’t they be? Heading into NFL film rooms is like fan porn. The same likely holds true for reporters who are certainly big fans of the game at heart. In the process, Rex spent nearly seven minutes — or about a third of the entire press conference — doing what comes naturally to him and cleverly avoiding any of the fun, circus-like inquiries about Sanchez’s picks, Santonio’s foot, Ivory’s hammy, McKnight’s…whatever…or any of the other stuff that he’s likely thoroughly sick of talking about.

Yes, answering questions about all that stuff comes with the territory. And Rex certainly manages to put his foot in mouth slightly more than many fans would like. Still, it was fun to watch a different tact on this one. We don’t blame him, and my guess is that the ever-eager media corps probably appreciated the change-of-pace more than they even let on.

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