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Richard Sherman’s Perfect Twitter Comeback to Patrick Peterson


Patrick Peterson is a tremendous athlete and football player. In recognition of his skills, the Arizona Cardinals on Tuesday rewarded him with a five-year contract extension worth $70M. It makes him the highest-paid corner in the NFL. Such contracts get people talking about the best corners in the league…a conversation that begins to naturally include one Richard Sherman.

As luck would have it, some writers began to make those comparisons and Mr. Sherman re-tweeted a few that painted #25 in rather favorable light. Peterson saw #25 jumping in on the Twitter conversation and playfully poked at him (or at least that was smart money would assume) with a simple tweet:


Sherman, known for a quick wit and an even sharper tongue, then illustrated why you do not mess with him between the hashmarks or the hashtags.

His reply was the ultimate comeback and about as mic drop as you can go on the ole’ Twitter. Check. Mate.

Behold the power of the ring.



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