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Richie Incognito is certified piece of sh*t

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Give him the boot!

Give him the boot!

Why waste my “breath” on Richie Incognito? The story’s been everywhere. I’m not going to reveal anything beyond what anyone else has said. What’s the point, right? My answer? Anything I can do to further spread what is known about what Incognito has done is worth a few minutes of my time. A**holes deserve to be exposed. I like to believe that goodness comes around. Well, so too should being a d*ck. And my hope is that it’s going to come around to Incognito in the form of losing the privilege to do probably the only thing he’s probably any good at in life.

Let’s get all the basics out of the way. Incognito has a reputation predicated on an ample body of work in the NFL and prior. He’s frequently been named one of — if not the — dirtiest player in the league. He’s had off the field incidents. He has “anger management” issues in the truest sense. Grantland does a nice job of succinctly running down Incognito’s ugly history.

But this is not about temporarily losing your mind in a bar or playing dirty on the football field. There are plenty of guys in the NFL who throw around cheap shots on Sundays but are respectable guys away from the game. Great locker room teammates, simply nasty once you get between the hashmarks. I understand that….truly. This is not even so much about locker room culture or rookie hazing or any of that. This is about a person targeting another person. This is about stepping beyond the realm of “accepted” even if that very definition needs to change. This is all about a situation where things like this are happening — and more than once.

incognitovoicemailAlone, this is bad. But all signs point to this as an ongoing pattern of communication and behavior from Incognito towards second-year man Jonathan Martin. It gets you thinking. Is this really Incognito? How can someone play directly alongside someone and keep doing so if it’s as bad as this seems? Even as appalling as this is to me, I start to wonder. Is there more to the story. Then, I read stuff like this from Deadspin. The post seems to indicate some commentary on the matter from someone who very well may be Richie’s dad. Here’s a few snippets just to give you a taste (all sic’d):

“Martin is a drug addict plain and simple along with the peoples popular center pouncey…”

“Incognito has been let hang out to dry and me personally, pray Ireland and philbin die of aids.”

“Ask Jon Martin’s dad how many times his son has had a gun to his head and wanted to pull the trigger.”

This is a joke, suspend an honest player for a drug addict and a player that tried to kill himself three times. Complete ****in utter BS and this team is just covering their ass. What a friggin joke. Strange only coments are from Zuckerman and not Martin himself. Irleand and Philbin should be ashamed of themselves, this is a ****in joke. Suspend a pro bowl player for a player that does not even belong in the NFL. FUKIN JOKE its all going to come out in the wash and Ireland should be ****in hung because he , philbin and everyone else knew Martin did drugs and attempted suicide three times. But hey, the regular people will never hear that right ? ****IN JOKE FOLKS, ****IN JOKE.

Incognito will look good in a Jets uniform beating the piss out of our defensive line in a few weeks. Watch, learn , and we will have ? Jonahtan Martin, draft bust, drug addict and on suicide watch, what a team. LMFAO.

There are many other pearls within the rant, calling out “black brothers” and citing Joe Philbin’s son’s drug use and mental issues and all sorts of other things that flip aside serious matters all in the spirit of lauding the myriad of wondrous things about one Richie Incognito. Why even talk about this? Because, if it is Richie’s dad, the apple as they say doesn’t fall far from the tree. These are not good people. I strongly believe that there may be a lot of truth within Incognito Sr’s long rant. And, yes, parents (who are also crazy fans) have some natural instincts to protect and defend. But you can see from this where the Incognito mentality lies.

So where does this all leave me?

It leads me to one place. Neither Jonathan Martin nor Richie Incognito are with the Miami Dolphins right now, which is the one thing that should remain.

Also, Incognito is a prick. We all knew that intuitively and now understand it even more. The NFL is not full of choir boys. There are racists, bullies, “hazers” and the like on every single team. This is a case where one man is seemingly all of those things. This is a case where, in a strange way like the Saints bounty scandal, the ugliest underbelly has been exposed. The unspoken has now been spoken, and the incident that makes an invisible line now come into great clarity. It dictates one thing: Richie Incognito needs to stay away from the game of football for awhile.

What’s sadly lost in this from the coverage I’ve seen to date is a clearly troubled 24-year old Jonathan Martin whose issues may extend far beyond the football field. Hopefully, he too can get some help and determine whether the football field is a place he should return to or whether time away from the game may also be the answer.

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