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Santana Ornament Ensures You Can Re-Live Mets Suckery This Holiday Season

The Holidays: A Time to Recall Shattered Dreams

A HT to my friend Craig who writes for the esteemed, Cleveland-centric Waiting For Next Year, for this phenomenal find. Apparently, in one of the finer Hallmark locations in the fair state of Ohio, one can purchase a genuine Johan Santana special-edition ornament. Note the evidence above. That is if one wants to remind oneself during the holiday season of the abortion that was the 2009 Mets season via just one of the 634 men on the roster to go on the DL over course of the campaign.

Johan is not another cute decoration to adorn the tree. He represents all that a fan base continually hopes and dreams for, only to suffer through repeated indignation. Damn you, Hallmark for reminding me. On a side note, the same thing can be said about his partner to the right. No winners I know are hanging Tony Romo on their X-Mas tree. Maybe in effigy, or simply from a tree…

Who’s the real winner? You betcha.

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