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Summer Christmas! It’s Lonnie Chisenhall!


I don’t really know what analogy to make here, but there’s just something exciting when your team’s number one prospect gets called up to the majors. It makes you feel a little giddy. You start watching games just waiting for the guy to come to the plate, The guy who is one of the experts Top 25 prospects in all of baseball. The guy who might be the future of the franchise. The guy who hasn’t gone through extended slumps and disappointed yet. The guy who represents raw hope for the franchise. We saw that guy come up for the Royals earlier this season in the form of Eric Hosmer. The Tribe’s next great thing came up over the weekend, Mr. Lonnie Chisenhall

The problem with the super prospect is that really, we know nothing about him. We know that the organization likes him. We know that sportswriters, who are in the know more than we are about such things as minor league prospects, like him. We know he was a first round draft pick. We can look up his minor league stats. But what do we really know? Baseball is a funny game. For every one can’t miss prospect that couldn’t miss, there are ten (fifty?) who did miss. Lastings Milledge Mets fans?

But screw the downside, we’re in the honeymoon period baby! We just found out that former Indians great hurler Ricky “the Wild Thing” Vaughn was on the juice. We need some excitement. Chisenhall came up from Columbus on Sunday and promptly introduced us to his sweet swing in Arizona going 2-4 with a double and a key RBI in his major league debut. He has power (51 home runs and 265 RBI in 3+ minor league seasons) and has a good OBP if not an overwhelming average. He plays a need position for the Tribe at 3rd. He is the promise of instant offense for a team in a month long slump that had to recently fire their hitting coach. Is Chisenhall the next Jim Thome (if you Fans of the Feather remember, Thome originally came up as a third baseman with the Tribe)? Time will tell, but for now it is Summer Christmas. All hail Lonnie Chishenhall, newest Warrior of the Cuyahoga!

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