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Atlanta Falcons Debut Amazing Sandwich

Atlanta Falcons Debut Amazing Sandwich

In the midst of all the athletes behaving badly on Twitter (and various other platforms of this digital age), I’d prefer to focus on something much more fun and impressive. Behold, the latest sandwich creation from the fine folks behind the Atlanta Falcons organization. This monumental creation includes pulled pork, bacon, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw […]

Who to root for? An unaffiliated fan declares playoff allegiances

Who to root for? An unaffiliated fan declares playoff allegiances

Well, here we are again. A Jets fan with nothing to cheer for as the NFL postseason begins (well, maybe at least one thing but more on that later). Although there is much to complain about in Jetland, our non-playoff “plight” is not one deserving of remorse. Gang Green nation is only a few seasons […]

Five Teams That Might Make Sense for HBO's Hard Knocks

Five Teams That Might Make Sense for HBO’s Hard Knocks

I love me some Hard Knocks. Had a crush since its debut with the Ravens and, despite a brief hiatus, I still can’t get enough. I won’t rehash  the reasons why the show is so phenomenal. If you’re a fan, you already know. If you haven’t been convinced as yet, it’s likely not going to […]

Our NFL Weekend Top Five: Games to Watch

What Does Cutler Have Under the Lambeau Lights? Is it Sunday again yet? It’s start to hint at that time of year again. The sun may still be shining and the temperatures haven’t yet dipped, but it’s coming. The weeks where you feel like you don’t see the light of day. Those long stretches where […]

My Jets-Falcons Sunday: RU F-in Kidding Me? Honestly?

Seriously? This sh*t is getting re-g-d-damn-diculous. Before I go ranting and raving about this afternoon’s abortion of a Jets game, I’ll remind everyone (most importantly myself) that none of this is surprising. In fact, the current 7-7 mark is one most Jets fans would’ve signed up for in a heartbeat at season’s start. Hell, only […]

I Continue to Like Mike Smith, Moreso Now…

Just for the record, I see nothing very much wrong with this reaction from Mike Smith. If he threw a punch, I’ll retract and say he crossed the line. Otherwise, I not only accept his behavior, I strongly support it. Hell, I’ll bet most fans wish their coaches would show that kind of venom in […]

Make Time for a Good Story: Stephen Nicholas

The Internet is great and vast and wonderful. It has spawned blogs and communities and social networks and all sorts of fun and entertaining crap. Most of the time, I pen this blog with an eye toward the lighter side of sports and capturing the emotions – mature or otherwise – of an everyday (albeit […]

Back in the Day: Livin’ the Jersey Life

Check it. Admit it, you’re jealous. I know. Isn’t that one of the great things about heading home for the holidays once you’ve “grown up” and moved away? Those occasions where you find yourself digging through an old drawer and finding some love note you wrote to a chick in sixth grade, or that cut […]

Webster Introduces New Verb: "Petrino"

“Just Keep Changing Out the Backdrop About Once a Year” pe-trin-0 – verb (used with object; “to petrino”) 1. To abandon or leave duties unfulfilled2. To rescind on promises and commitments in an irresponsibile and/or reprehensible manner3. To act in a cowardly nature in the midst of a challenging situation4. To pay no heed to […]

Sports Wrap from Monday: Fantasy or Reality?

You know how sometimes you’re watching sports and your brain has “gut reactions” that you know are fundamentally flawed yet you can’t avoid having them pop in your head? Things that once you step back and apply some logical thinking and your own experience watching sports you know can’t possibly be right? Well, that seemed […]