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Cavs 2012 draft review

Cavs 2012 draft review

When you cheer for a crappy team, the draft is the best night of the year. Hope is abound that your team will find new talent to replace the crappy old talent that put your team in its current state of suckitude. The Cavs are a crappy team. I cheer for the Cavs. However, while […]

Does Anyone Care About The NBA These Days?

As late 80’s/early 90’s kids, Cecilio’s Scribe and I grew up in a time of larger than life NBA superstars. Bird and Magic were in the twilight of their careers, but still legends. Jordan was in his prime, Dominique was establishing the Human Highlight Reel, The Dream, The Admiral, and Patrick Ewing ruled the paint. […]

Best and Worst Case Scenarios From The Cavs Blockbuster Deal

Please, can we see this Ben Wallace in C-Town? I got overly excited yesterday when I heard about the Cavs’ blockbuster trade, and hastily posted this bit of rambling. I won’t try to explain the psyche of the Cleveland sports fan, but know this, trades excite us. C-Town has even rolled out a Welcome To […]

Things that Bother Me…People Making the Case for Anybody Other than LeBron James Winning MVP

Give the King His New Hardware Seriously. Stop it. I’m sick of it. I know you are paid to stir controversy, encourage debate and keep the fans “interested.” But I do not want to hear one more member of the media even mention anyone else as a legitimate candidate for the NBA MVP. Give the […]

LeBron Is The Tits

LeBron goes left against 3 Lakers, giving the Cavs the lead After watching the end of this afternoon’s Lakers/Cavs game, I officially turned the page from football season to LeBron season (yes, the Super Bowl is next week, but if you aren’t a Patriots or Giants fan, isn’t it a bitter bitter game to watch? […]

Indians Routed By Red Sox: There Is No Joy In Mudville

Casey didn’t strike out, but the look on his and Pronk’s faces tell it all So, the title of my column is unoriginal because it includes an overused, practically cliche line from Ernest Lawrence Thayer ‘s classic poem “Casey at the Bat.” Well too bad, shove it. Add unoriginal hack to the list of adjectives […]