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Cornell hoops music video is must-see "TV"

Cornell hoops music video is must-see “TV”

Oh, where to begin! We’ve been through this before. I am a proud alum of Cornell University, but intercollegiate athletics is not necessarily where we’ve made our reputation. No offense to our lacrosse, hockey or polo programs which are all traditionally stellar. However, it was not too long ago that our hoops squad had a […]

My Beloved Cornell Cracks Top 25…And Other Alternate Reality Happenings

My alma mater cracked the top 25 today…in BASKETBALL. You have no idea how absurd a concept this is. Yes, our quaint, little hockey and lacrosse-competent institution (also apparently quite adept at polo) has managed to compose a not-too-shabby basketball squad over the past few years. And after two straight Ivy titles and their corresponding […]

Big Red, Baby!

Let me revel for a nanosecond. It’s not frequently I can speak of my alma mater and sports with any sort of relevance outside of games played with sticks on ice and grass. So, let me enjoy this for a moment. Pictured at left are your 2009 Holiday Festival champs. These is the 9-2 Cornell […]

Big Red Heading Back to Big Dance

Back-to-Back, Beeotches! Watch out Dookies, here comes the Big Red! Not really, but let an alum drink this up for at least a few days. It only happens once every half century or so…

Stanford Romps Cornell: Anatomy Of A Beatdown

Coach Donahue and The Big Red Bear pretty much sum it up Stanford 77, Cornell 53, needless to say, I didn’t expect this. I join, uhh…. myself, in the legion of surprised NCAA Tournament prognosticators after Stanford’s domination of the Cornell men’s cagers yesterday. The boys from Ithaca were a little more Telemachus than Odysseus […]

By The Way, Cornell Is Beating Stanford On Thursday

Large man Jeff Foote will hold the fort against Stanford’s twin towers Okay I may have officially lost it, I’m convinced that Cornell will pull an opening round upset over Stanford in Anaheim on Thursday. I don’t know if the fact that the program hasn’t been to the NCAA tournament since 1988 has altered my […]

Let’s Dance

We’ve discussed this possibility here before. No less mind-boggling now that it’s happening. Lunardi is projecting the Big Red to be a #13 seed. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

Big Red Bafflement: Cornell Heading Toward NCAA Tourney?

Few things in sports surprise me nowadays. So, you can imagine it would take an event of nearly monumental proportions to catch our attention. That “something” happened while we were reading up on our beloved Cornell Big Red earlier this week. ITHACA, N.Y. — The sophomore tandem of Louis Dale and Ryan Wittman combined for […]