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Cornell hoops music video is must-see "TV"

Cornell hoops music video is must-see “TV”

Oh, where to begin! We’ve been through this before. I am a proud alum of Cornell University, but intercollegiate athletics is not necessarily where we’ve made our reputation. No offense to our lacrosse, hockey or polo programs which are all traditionally stellar. However, it was not too long ago that our hoops squad had a […]

Cornell wins Ivy League baseball title to secure NCAA bid in walkoff fashion

Cornell wins Ivy League baseball title to secure NCAA bid in walkoff fashion

I’ll be honest. Never thought I’d write something about Cornell Baseball in these here parts. My alma mater has always been known more for their laxers and icemen. Maybe women’s polo (really). Baseball? Not so much. For context, the Big Red baseball squad compiled a 60-99-1 mark during my time in Ithaca. They weren’t much […]

Five for Forever: Worst Losses of a Lifetime

Daddy Said There’d Be Days Like This… One week of being a daddy. Pretty awesome. My beauty is sleeping, so it’s time to clear my head by absorbing it elsewhere for a few minutes. Whether my daughter becomes a sports fan is still very much TBD. But, in the meantime, it’s made dad reflective of […]

Red Alert: Cornell is Coming! (Holy S#%!)

C’mon, let me enjoy this moment — just for a second. It’s been a few hours since the final whistle blew, but it still hasn’t really sunk in. The Cornell Big Red is heading for the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and a match up with #1 seed Kentucky. I attended Cornell […]

Winning Hoops in Tourney is Fundamental?

I admittedly haven’t spent hours upon hours watching the Tourney so far. From what I have seen though, is it me or does it seem the teams having success share a few things in common? Well, why don’t we boil those ‘things’ down to a single something. It’s a word that isn’t sexy. It’s an […]

Time is Coming for the Big Red: Where Will They Land?

In what is easily the single biggest question NCAA pundits across the country are contemplating this morning…where will my Cornell Big Red wind up in the brackets when they’re revealed later this evening? Forget about top seeds and the overall number one. Spare me talk of bubble busters, mid-majors and conference tallies. I’m most interested […]

My Beloved Cornell Cracks Top 25…And Other Alternate Reality Happenings

My alma mater cracked the top 25 today…in BASKETBALL. You have no idea how absurd a concept this is. Yes, our quaint, little hockey and lacrosse-competent institution (also apparently quite adept at polo) has managed to compose a not-too-shabby basketball squad over the past few years. And after two straight Ivy titles and their corresponding […]

Big Red Fall Short, But Make Enough Noise for Folks to Take Note

So, they didn’t ride off into the sunset on the heels of an upset that would’ve ranked in the pantheon of regular season shockers in recent college hoops history. But they sure came damn close. For an alum whose only lament from four years in Ithaca was missing out on the big-time major sports college […]

Big Red, Baby!

Let me revel for a nanosecond. It’s not frequently I can speak of my alma mater and sports with any sort of relevance outside of games played with sticks on ice and grass. So, let me enjoy this for a moment. Pictured at left are your 2009 Holiday Festival champs. These is the 9-2 Cornell […]

Big Red Memorial Day Meltdown

I thought I was ready to talk about this, to write something poignant and compelling about what transpired today at Gillette Stadium. I thought I was. I’m not. Perhaps later, perhaps not.

Fenway Pahk and Big Red Lax, Beantown Weekend for CS

Greetings ye Legend faithful. Thanks for hanging with us. For those that know me, it’s that time of year again. The week/weekend where I head out to voluntarily subject myself to Mets baseball…on the road…with my mother. It’s a tradition now going on seven years. Scary. So, I’m off today and tomorrow and extending the […]

Big Red Heading Back to Big Dance

Back-to-Back, Beeotches! Watch out Dookies, here comes the Big Red! Not really, but let an alum drink this up for at least a few days. It only happens once every half century or so…