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Breaking News: Strasburg is Stop and Watch Good

OK, I’ve now officially had my “Strasburg moment.” It took place at the gym ironically, a place I haven’t seen after-work on a weekday in quite some time. Like everyone, I’d heard the Strasburg hype ad nauseam and caught plenty of highlights and a few live batters here or there when the Nationals found their […]

Zach Greinke and a Look at ERA History

So, the hype train on Zach Greinke is officially threatening to spiral out-of-control. But can you blame anyone? I thought his stats were off the hook a few weeks ago, and they’re only getting filthier. And since the blogosphere often skews towards hyperbole, Greinke’s performance to date got us to thinking about ERA. Sure, folks […]

Players and Teams Who Never Should Have Been

The Dream in Splendid Raptors Purple, But Of Course Certain things just don’t look right. Guys in skin-tight blue jeans. Crown Victoria sedans sitting on 26s. Carlos Beltran’s hair. The same can be said of athletes, particularly those who spent large portions of their career with one team and then put on a new and […]

Why Can’t My Team Get a "Give-Me-the-F-in-Ball" Pitcher?

Give Me the F-In Ball A lot of guys have good stuff. Many of them can be intimidating to a hitter. But it seems fewer and fewer these days have that “give-me-the-f-in-ball-I’m-better-than-any-of-these-guys” aura on the mound. It just so happens two of them play for the Boston Red Sox. Even the casual fan who has […]