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Jeremy Shockey and Other Love-Hate Players

We love sports cliches. Those wonderful little pearls of wit and brilliance that seem to be relied upon more and more these days by commentators and on-air personalities who couldn’t complete a grammatically-correct sentence without the assistance of a teleprompter. One of my personal favorites? “He’s one of those guys…you hate him if you’re playing […]

Why Can’t My Team Get a "Give-Me-the-F-in-Ball" Pitcher?

Give Me the F-In Ball A lot of guys have good stuff. Many of them can be intimidating to a hitter. But it seems fewer and fewer these days have that “give-me-the-f-in-ball-I’m-better-than-any-of-these-guys” aura on the mound. It just so happens two of them play for the Boston Red Sox. Even the casual fan who has […]