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KD's Tearful MVP Speech for the Ages

KD’s Tearful MVP Speech for the Ages

Kevin Durant’s MVP speech was everything it should be. Sincere. Emotional. Appreciative. Humble. Respectful. Oh, and it will also make you cry. Some brand is likely reaching out to Durant right now with a multi-million dollar deal around a Mother’s Day campaign. Mark it down. Well done, KD. A well-deserved award and a fitting acceptance […]

Durant’s coast-to-coast block and drunk

Kevin Durant can do some things on a basketball court. It sometimes takes a play like this to remind the average NBA fan just how many ridiculous things are on that list. Thankfully, last night’s Thunder-Mavericks game offered an opportunity for a quick, yet rather emphatic reminder. Check it out. A mighty swat at one […]

Kevin Durant Thunderstruck movie trailer

Kevin Durant Thunderstruck movie trailer

Kevin Durant just helped carry the young Thunder to the NBA Finals. Regardless of whether his talents take OKC all the way to the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship trophy, he’s already secured superstar status. And when you’re that big-time, well, you get slotted for your real silver screen debut. Yes, KD is heading for the […]

Duran-tula Loose In Harlem

It is likely that many of you have already seen this video, it’s gone viral.***Sidenote, isn’t “gone viral” a terrible term to describe something that has made it big on the internet? I don’t want anything viral to have anything to do with my computer. Last I heard, viruses are bad for computers.**** I think […]

Dear Mom: Sorry to Break This to You…

So…ummm…mom…I didn’t know how to break this to you. This venue seems about as good as any. Yes, mother, that’s Kevin Durant. Those are his tattoos. Oh, and one last thing, it doesn’t change anything. So, where am I going with all this? Let me see, because as I compose this I’m not exactly sure. […]

I’m Totally OKC Thunderstruck

Hoping to bring back some blog force in coming weeks. In the meantime, quick musing. Simply put, I can’t me enough Thunder. Seriously, is there any unaffiliated fan who’s voluntarily chosen to throw their rooting interest behind another squad? And, if so, why exactly? This team is an absolute joy to watch. Fast. Competitive. Playing […]

Oden Blowing By Bowie on All-Time Portland Blunder List?

Portland may still be trying to live down selecting Sam Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan in 84. It is a nightmare that will never die for many. Well, what about a new one? Bowie at least played more than a decade and wound up averaging about 11 points over that span. It’s hard to say […]

Reason 1000 to Love Twitter: Kevin Durant’s Momma is at the Hairdresser

Mr. Leitch waxed poetic on Twitter earlier today over at Deadspin. I agree with his main point wholeheartedly…Twitter is fun moreso because of what you can pick up via listening/following as opposed to cranking out Tweet after Tweet. I do my best to drop a witticism from time to time (follow, follow, follow), but mostly […]

Is It Us or is the NBA ROY "Race" Somehow Depressing?

Your ROY Frontrunner? Really? What do Al Horford, Al Thornton, Jamario Moon and Luis Scola have in common? Besides a large majority of the sporting world not being able to identify what sport they play (let alone what NBA team they are a member of), these four guys are among the leaders for the NBA […]