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Sanchez recommends the chicken fingers to Nick Foles

Sanchez recommends the chicken fingers to Nick Foles

We like Mark Sanchez. For serious. Decent guy. Got a bum deal in New York. Still, not a very good NFL quarterback. That doesn’t stop him from making headlines — even as a backup signal caller in Philadelphia. Thank goodness for microphones on the field. And thank goodness for Sanchez continuing to feed whatever cravings […]

The Jet Set: Five Critical Players Who Will Make or Break Gang Green's Season

The Jet Set: Five Critical Players Who Will Make or Break Gang Green’s Season

There are few predicting great things for my New York Jets this season. That’s more than understandable. It’s a teamĀ  riddled with far too many question marks to prognosticate any sort of consistent success. That said, one could argue those professing the certainty of apocalyptic failure, or the faithful asserting 2014 is a lock for […]

Jets turn to craig's list for signal callers

Jets turn to craig’s list for signal callers

It’s gotten bad for the Jets. We’ve tried to look away, but there’s just so much wreckage. It’s OK. It’s going to be like Sandy and the Mets. Resign yourself to a few years of pain in the hopes of a brighter tomorrow. Besides all the free agent defections, and the lack of any significant […]

Mark Sanchez's most frightening statistic

Mark Sanchez’s most frightening statistic

I’m moving on from Revis. It sucks. They can’t replace him. We know that. Everyone knows it. Sh*t happens. Fine. Done. And, yes, the Jets receiving “corps” looks more like a collection of guys playing a pick-up game than any capable band of brothers. Still, this team is 2-1. It’s been a whacky beginning of […]

Tim Tebow's arrival best-case scenario for Sanchez

Tim Tebow’s arrival best-case scenario for Sanchez

Mark Sanchez couldn’t ask for anything more than Tim Tebow’s arrival in New York. No, I am not joking. There could not be a better scenario for the Sanchize to prove he’s the man for Gang Green (or not) once and for all. Enough with the coddling. Let’s drop the talk about “feelings.” This is […]

Tebow heading to Jets...three stages of reaction

Tebow heading to Jets…three stages of reaction

Holy sh*t. Tebowmania is coming to Manhattan. Lawd, give us strength. The Jets have traded a fourth round pick and a sixth-rounder to Denver for the Messiah and seventh round selection. Or the most over-hyped quarterback in the history of the NFL. Or a great football player. Or a terrible excuse for an NFL signal […]

Schott to Sh*t: Schottenheimer Jet-issoned

Schott to Sh*t: Schottenheimer Jet-issoned

The day has come. I awoke at 4 a.m. for an early morning business trip, and it’s as if I could hear the cheers of jubilation echoing from various corners of the Interwebs. Sayonora Schotty, they exclaimed! Happy trails, they joked. Good riddance, they collectively chimed. Yes, the moment has arrived. Brian Schottenheimer is no […]

Sunday's 10 NFL Commandments: Thou Shalt Remember These Things

Sunday’s 10 NFL Commandments: Thou Shalt Remember These Things

The Jets season is officially over. Their performance did show us something. Many things. Many bad, bad things. The loss was illuminating, but it revealed plenty we already knew. In fact, there were many universal laws of NFL nature that were confirmed this Sunday. We hold these truths to be self evident…according to us. 1. […]

Mark Sanchez may have a new favorite target: Kate Upton

Mark Sanchez may have a new favorite target: Kate Upton

I must confess. Before this morning I wouldn’t have been able to pick Kate Upton out of a lineup. Thanks to the wonders of the worldwide web that is a challenge I shall never have difficulty conquering again. So what brought this 19 year-old SI and Victoria’s Secret model to my attention? Mark Sanchez, of […]

Jets' Bloody Sunday

Jets’ Bloody Sunday

Not a whole lot to say about Sunday’s debacle in Philly. OK, there’s a sh*tton to say, but I have no desire to re-hash it all. The only thing that was redeeming, and rather ironic in retrospect, was the Jets’ first drive. Alright, the first five minutes or so. Think about it. The Jets began […]

Photo of New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez

Not the Sanchise? Patience is Becoming a Difficult Virtue

Let me just get it off my chest. I’m starting to get more than a little frustrated with Mark Sanchez. Tomorrow night in Denver will do little to sway me one way or the other. However, I’ve tried to step back of late and really assess my thoughts on the quarterback the Jets selected with […]

Jets Induce Nausea, Stay Alive (Barely)

Still…standing…barely. Oh, what to say about this Jets team? I’ll tell you one thing. They are the “same old Jets” in at least one regard. This team does its best to give fans of the green and white and ulcer every week. Oi vey. The Jets managed to pull one out from a wounded and […]