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LeBron James is Coming Home to Cleveland...and He Did It Right

LeBron James is Coming Home to Cleveland…and He Did It Right

There are certain sports moments that, as a human with a blog, you simply have to respond to in writing. If nothing else, because they are historic. Perhaps that phrase is an overstatement, but I’d argue not. The greatest player in the NBA — and one who continues to push himself in the G.O.A.T. discussion […]

Time for LeBron to Start Acting Like He's Been There Before

Time for LeBron to Start Acting Like He’s Been There Before

The Miami Heat defeated the Brooklyn Nets in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday night in Miami. The Nets played poorly down the stretch, and the Heat showed their mettle. None of that surprised me. Nor did I think any of it really worth commentary. What did catch my eye though was […]

Lebron posts workout photos along with lame tweet

Lebron posts workout photos along with lame tweet

Every time I’m ready to think this guy is worth pulling for again, he goes and does something that reminds me he’s probably a real douche at this point. I’m talking about Lebron “The King” James. Despite his missteps, I was a longtime LBJ fan. I was always all about LBJ and buying into how […]

Minnesota Timberwolves Slam Heat's Harlem Shake

Minnesota Timberwolves Slam Heat’s Harlem Shake

Know I’m late to this, but it’s my favorite sports video of the week. The set-up. This whole Harlem Shake epidemic is the latest mindless thing to blow up the Interwebs. You can’t escape it. It’s like Call Me Maybe all over again. Ganam-style to its most gag-tastic. My sincere hope is that it’s running […]

Taking on LeBron

Taking on LeBron

Victor who deserves his spoils? Or villain who is worthy of nothing? Arrogance or assertiveness? Maturation or regression? These are all questions that seem to arise when talking about LeBron James. Two distinct camps. Each standing staunchly at opposite ends of the spectrum, sharing only an intensity of belief. Those who hate and those who […]

LeBron's cramp has a Twitter account

LeBron’s cramp has a Twitter account

Those entrepreneuring youth and their social media. LeBron James didn’t find himself on the floor in the final minutes of Game Four of last night’s NBA Finals. Well, technically sort of on the floor if you count a mat by the bench. He was sidelined by a leg cramp. What role the injury will play […]

Maddeningly Miami: Wade and LeBron skip out on post-game presser

Maddeningly Miami: Wade and LeBron skip out on post-game presser

The Miami Heat are such an intriguing thing. I’ll admit right from the start, I don’t know where I’m going with this post as my fingers dance across the keyboard. The only thing I do know is that something seems amiss in the Heat. It’s felt that way for awhile. Even when times were “good.” […]

Correction: Celts-Heat game four OT thriller actually ended in tie

Correction: Celts-Heat game four OT thriller actually ended in tie

The Heat and Celtics played a thriller last night in gameĀ  four in Boston. After building a big lead, the C’s managed to hold on to win 93-91 following an extra session and knot the Eastern Conference Finals a two games apiece. Unfortunately, news anchor Megan Torjussen had the sports segment of the late night […]

Rondo fakes Haslem out with sick behind-the back move

Somehow I missed this filthiness from Friday night’s game three win up in Boston. Rondo has been doing work all series. Udonis Haslem can certainly attest to that. He’s still trying to locate his jock following this little wonder from Rajon. FIL. THY.

King James and the Miami Heat's tweet for Trayvon

King James and the Miami Heat’s tweet for Trayvon

There’s a lot of things that LeBron James has done wrong in his career. There are plenty of instances where I’ve shaken my head in disgust at when and how he’s parlayed his popularity for the betterment of the wrong audience – namely, himself. His Twitter handle @KingJames and its accompanying wallpaper tend to rub […]

Empty In Akron

If you have just started reading The Legend in the past three years, you might not know this but there are actually two writers who toil on this blog. Of course there is Cecilio’s Scribe, the Godfather, but there is also me, Erie’s Scribe. I’m back from a three-year sabbatical of wandering around the halls […]

The Knicks are Who We Thought They Were

Not That Good Yet(Photo: Barton Silverman/NYT) I was pontificating last Friday about the week to come and the test it would provide for these Knicks. As it was to everyone else, it was clear the lineup of Denver, Boston and Miami at home would be a measuring stick for a squad that is undoubtedly much-improved, […]