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The two-year 'swoon' of Dwight Howard

The two-year ‘swoon’ of Dwight Howard

Two years. It’s really not that long a  period of time. But it’s amazing how much things can change over that stretch, no? Take Dwight Howard. I am not an Orlando Magic or LA Lakers fan, nor do I profess to be a Howard aficionado or experts. That said, it feels like his transformation from […]

It’s Time for Shaq to Shut It Down…Pretty-Please?

I want to remember him as Shaq-Fu. Superman. The Diesel. I want to recall the silhouetted logo of the big man tomahawking the ball home with both legs kicking up in the air. Unfortunately, O’Neal, the Hall-of-Fame center, is shopping around for another new home. He’s interested in the C’s and, apparently, there are multiple […]

From "Zero" to "Hero": Well-Played, Matt Cassel

They are just throwing out ridiculous contracts left and right this week, huh? First, Marcin Gortat and now Matty Cassel? When will the wonders cease?! Seriously, one could make a case that these two deals – worth nearly $100M combined – are two of the more startling in recent memory for very different reasons. Not […]

How Long ‘Til Football Season?

Over There…It’s My Fourth Championship Ring Turns out Kobe Bryant’s unstoppable-ness was just too unstoppable for the Orlando Magic. I guess it’s hard to universally pan a series in which three of the five games were closely contested, but it did seem to fall a little flat at the finish. Would Cleveland have put up […]

Friday Fadeaways

Magic Steppin’ Up…or Not The Mets dropped two of three to the Phils @Citi in a series that was (and I’m not stretching) very much sweepable (for the home team). Plus, I stayed up to watch the freakin’ Lakers win in game four (that’s what you get for putting a pic of D-Howard up top […]

Dear NBA: Please Produce a New "Where Amazing Happens" Commercial ASAP

I’m not even going to bother with photos or video or any of that nonsense. The NBA just needs to get their producers started on one of those “Where Amazing Happens” commercials right now. Seriously, this better already be in production. You know, the ones with the slow piano music where a solitary figure appears […]

Maybe Stan Van Gundy Is "Master of Panic"

Thumbs Down I’ve always been a big Shaq fan. At times, he seems a wise old sage too prescient for this association, the Big Aristotle indeed. Outside of his superior Scrabble skills, Mr. O’Neal may have also aced another subject: Stan Van Gundy. You may recall back in early March O’Neal labeled Van Gundy a […]