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Top Surprise College Sports Scholarship Celebrations

Top Surprise College Sports Scholarship Celebrations

As a communications guy, I love it. Emotional. Real-time. Immensely shareable. As a sports fan, I love it even more. You could argue it’s getting “played out,” but I’d counter that it never really can. I’m speaking about the increasing trend in today’s social world of capturing “surprise scholarship awarding” by major college sports programs. […]

Three reasons putting names on Penn St. uniforms makes sense

Three reasons putting names on Penn St. uniforms makes sense

There’s a saying in sports that it’s not about the names on the back of the jersey, it’s about the name on the front. For decades, Penn St. football has embraced the spirit behind that axiom. Their uniforms were in, so many ways, a reflection of the image the program projected to the broader college […]

Joe Pa letter stinks to high...

Joe Pa letter stinks to high…

There’s a part of me that really wishes the Sandusky/Penn St. story would just quietly fade into the night. Then I quickly remember that it can’t possibly go away. More importantly, it shouldn’t. It demands and deserves to remain in our consciousness and of all those involved who played a role in leaving physical and […]

Joe Pa's Time Has Come: From Storied to Sullied

Joe Pa’s Time Has Come: From Storied to Sullied

(Originally published Nov. 8, 2011) It shouldn’t have ended this way. There is so much of me that wishes Joe Paterno could have finished his career on his terms, lauded for his longevity, his success and the ideals and principles that he instilled in the men he coached and the program he played so integral […]

Ohio St. Savior? Video Tribute to Big 10 Bowl Demolition

I’ve never been a huge fan of Big 10-style football, but I respect the tradition, the programs and even their fans (at lest a little bit). That said, it’s fact that the conference has not exactly been riding a hot streak of late. They were uniformly blasted for their new logo and the “Leaders” and […]

Damn Good First Two CFB Weekends, Eh?

Alright, I’ve got the college football bug now. And is it me or is are the scheduling g-ds cooperating to such a degree that the first few weeks of action are looking tastier than ever? Maybe my memory is fading…such could likely be the case. But I certainly don’t immediately recall quality ranked match-ups early […]

My Saturday College Football Binge & 25 "Observations"

Kid’s the Real Deal Let me preface this by saying my wife is away with my mother and sister. Therefore, I had a certain level of viewing freedom today not typically afforded without extensive negotiation and deft use of DVR. In other words, I was able to absolutely obliterate myself on college football. Over the […]

Big Ten Hoops: It’s FAN-Tastic!

It’s a Shame I Missed It Once in awhile you run across a box score that causes your jaw to drop and a glassy stare to creep across your face. The numbers elicit a momentary loss of speech and ability to communicate with others. Last night’s Penn State/Illinois contest would be a solid example of […]

College Football Season Shaping Up Nicely

Good stuff around the country today. We got to escape wedding planning festivities for at least a little bit and grab some beers for the back-end of the UT/OU game. By the way, seriously on the Red River Rivalry? Can we call off the political correctness police? Enough is enough. Shootout. Red. River. Shootout. Anyway, […]

Why Does Penn State Suck At Basketball?

Where have you gone, Joe Crispin? Joltin’ Joe has gone away. At tourney time, I’m not usually lucky enough to have my alma mater around to cheer for. So, I’m constantly on the lookout for teams to throw my support behind. For geographical and family connection reasons, Pitt, Syracuse, Maryland, and Stanford (I will NOT […]

Give Me Mud, Give Me Snow, Give Me The Big Ten.

Short sleeves in the snow? Can you say three yards and a cloud of dust? Okay, I’ve bitten my tongue for long enough. I didn’t really care when I read the Big East and the ACC clowns saying their conference was the best in football in this space. I actually found it kind of entertaining […]

What Exactly Is The Georgia Blackout?

The official garb of blacked out Georgia revelers at Saturday’s game This Saturday, Auburn will be facing an army of blacked out Georgia Bulldog fans. What a brilliant idea! Who would want to walk into a stadium full of blacked out fans whose blacked out anger is directed at you (I’ve seen it first hand, […]