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Celebrating a Year in Sports Blogville

Today marks one year. A year ago today I decided to give this whole blogging thing a whirl. Sh*t, I liked sports. I thought I had stuff to say. I maybe could write kinda good sometimes. So, The Legend of Cecilio Guante was born on July 5, 2007, pitifully unmarketable URL and all. That first […]

Today’s Edition of Not-at-All Surprising News

Morning, y’all. The big news making waves on the ole’ sports talk radio and InterWebs this morning is claims made by Tim Donaghy regarding shady refereeing in the Association. We have neither the time or the inclination to break this down. Plus, everyone else and their mother is already taking care of that. Our quick […]

Seven Things That Could Have Made Four And A Half Hours of Testimony Fun

Senator Blutowski? If things had gone our way, Wednesday’s four and a half hours of Rocket-Man goes to Capitol Hill would have been more entertaining. Why can’t the Capitol be in Hollywood? If one of the following scenarios had taken place, it would have been Miller Time a little bit early. 1. Animal House – […]

Dubya To The Rescue!!!!

Pettitte and Clemens’ relationship might become strained after this. (photo courtesy of Sports Wrap) Don’t worry Rocket-man, the most powerful man in the free world has your back. Brian McNamee’s lawyer, Richard Emery, made headlines today by saying, “it would be the easiest thing in the world for George W. Bush, given the corrupt proclivities […]

Whitlock Nails The Roger Clemens Saga

At, The Legend, we aren’t buying what the Clemens camp is selling. The taped phone conversation between Clemens and McNamee (part two) just seemed weird and creepy. It sounds like Clemens tried to set McNamee up and it didn’t work. And Clemens’ people played this for the national media? Who are the ad wizards who […]

Forces Aligning Against Axis of Evil

Couldn’t Happen to Nicer Guys Happy Thursday morning all ye Legend revelers. We’re in a surprisingly good mood this morning and are keeping posts short and sweet today. Simply put, how great is it that these two Hall of Fame a-holes are catching heat. I don’t know what to make of all this bloody gauze […]

Fight Club: Pro-Athlete Edition

At The Legend, we love to debate who could kick who’s ass in the world of sports. I have an ongoing argument with Cecilio’s Scribe that has me siding with Ray Lewis and him siding with pre-broken leg Alvin Mack, the ESU middle linebacker in The Program. Here are a few fights we’d like to […]

Friday Round-Up: Clemens Injecting Himself with Kool-Aid, Stewart, Parcells, Jayhawks

Get Me Some More Lidocaine, Stat! Hope everyone had a good opening week of 2008. Our look at a few of the week’s top stories. Rocket AssClemens is trying to inject Americans with whatever Kool-Aid he’s been given by his lawyers and other advisors, now claiming that B-12 and lidocaine were all he shot into […]

2007 Legend Of Cecilio Guante Sports Stuff Awards

The Award For Our Favorite Picture We’ve Used In This Space I don’t know if I hate end of the year awards/top ten lists and the such or if I like them. I definitely don’t love them. On one hand I’m kind of a sucker for Top Ten Lists and Year End Awards, but on […]

Friday Farewell: Clemens Takes It in the Butt, Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah…

Well all, it’s been a fine week in the world of sports. Heading into a weekend of football action, we leave you with this image snagged from the pages of today’s Trentonian. Our tip came from the fellas at Brahsome, while others, including Mister Irrelevant, have also chimed in on the tasteful headline. With anyone […]

Addressing the Mitchell Report (this will be the only time)

Well, it’s over now. All the hype and hullabaloo can stop. Really, it’s OK. Everyone has pretty much read, seen or heard about it. Yes, we’ve seen the list. Uh-huh, we saw so-and-so. Yep. So, we’re done now. Right? Unforunately, as we all know, it’s likely only just beginning. Already what is sure to be […]

Why Can’t My Team Get a "Give-Me-the-F-in-Ball" Pitcher?

Give Me the F-In Ball A lot of guys have good stuff. Many of them can be intimidating to a hitter. But it seems fewer and fewer these days have that “give-me-the-f-in-ball-I’m-better-than-any-of-these-guys” aura on the mound. It just so happens two of them play for the Boston Red Sox. Even the casual fan who has […]