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Dancing Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury Wins the Internet for Today

Dancing Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury Wins the Internet for Today

Winner winner, chicken dinner. Some days it’s tough to determine if the massive through that is the Internet has presented anything that is even worth taking a short swig. Other days, the winner is immediately identifiable. Today’s champ is Texas Tech Red Raiders head football coach Kliff Kingsbury. Kingsbury, who previously torched records as a […]

My Saturday College Football Binge & 25 "Observations"

Kid’s the Real Deal Let me preface this by saying my wife is away with my mother and sister. Therefore, I had a certain level of viewing freedom today not typically afforded without extensive negotiation and deft use of DVR. In other words, I was able to absolutely obliterate myself on college football. Over the […]

Crabtree Dreamed It…In His Head

The interview of the weekend has to go to Michael Crabtree following Texas Tech’s last-second win over the ‘Horns in Lubbock on Saturday night. Why is it so hilarious? Sometimes greatness is intangible. If you explained Marshawn Lynch’s epic “beast mode” interview to someone for the first time, they probably just wouldn’t get it. But, […]

A Fine Saturday Lineup…Which I Will Miss

Oh-Hi-O Weddings are cool and all. No, really they are. I enjoy them. You know, being in the presence of true love and stuff. That said, I’ve previously espoused the sheer madness of Sunday fall weddings, but even Saturday affairs during the treasured football season can keep you from some quality action. Case in point: […]

Back in the Saddle: Brownies, Jets, Texas Tech, Huh?

Hey all you loyal Legend readers. Catching up on all the goings-on in this wonderful world of sports. Lot of stuff percolating and hope to have some good new posts up shortly…have some thoughts on a few recent developments… In the meantime, a huge thanks to Erie’s Scribe for holding it down over the past […]