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Alabama pizza owner honors Tebow's birthday with unique pie

Alabama pizza owner honors Tebow’s birthday with unique pie

When it comes to Tim Tebow, not a lot surprises us these days. We’re a bit sick of the constant coverage, but it’s impossible to ignore the reach and magnitude of Tebowmania. Whether at Jets camp in Cortland or an Easter sermon in Texas, the man draws crowds – and legions of fans. So, it […]

Tebow swarmed in locker room following Jets OTAs

Tebow swarmed in locker room following Jets OTAs

I’ve been saying for awhile…all this talk about Tebow and a “media circus” is complete bunk. I mean, just look at this shot. Sure, it’s only OTA’s but there’s virtually nobody who even wants to talk to this guy. See? No issues whatsoever.

Tim Tebow's arrival best-case scenario for Sanchez

Tim Tebow’s arrival best-case scenario for Sanchez

Mark Sanchez couldn’t ask for anything more than Tim Tebow’s arrival in New York. No, I am not joking. There could not be a better scenario for the Sanchize to prove he’s the man for Gang Green (or not) once and for all. Enough with the coddling. Let’s drop the talk about “feelings.” This is […]

Tebow heading to Jets...three stages of reaction

Tebow heading to Jets…three stages of reaction

Holy sh*t. Tebowmania is coming to Manhattan. Lawd, give us strength. The Jets have traded a fourth round pick and a sixth-rounder to Denver for the Messiah and seventh round selection. Or the most over-hyped quarterback in the history of the NFL. Or a great football player. Or a terrible excuse for an NFL signal […]

On second thought…

Things I was thinking about writing, but have since discarded because they are either… a) Mean and childish b) Played out and boring c) Completely insignificant d) All of the above 1. Battle of the bulge between Michael Sweetney and Albert Belle. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google “Michael Sweetney at Eddy […]

Tim Tebow Gone and Blew Up Twitter

Tim Tebow Gone and Blew Up Twitter

Anyone sick of the Tebow hype? Too bad for you. It’s only getting BIGGER. Following last night’s “heroics,” I tweeted the following trying to be one of those totally predictable wannabe-witty Twitter people: Well, turns out there was some fact based in that opinion. According to the netizens at Mashable, Tebow not only helped put […]

Kyle Orton’s Melancholy, Drunken Farewell to Denver

From the fine folks at LandlockedPioneers, we present you with Kyle Orton’s tearful, drunken goodbye to the city of Denver and his beloved Broncos. Well done, gents. Well. Done. It tugs at the heart strings.

Von Miller Now Making O-Coordinators Cry

I’m a sap sometimes. A sucker for emotional stuff that has little to do with on-field performance. Still, it does make me happy when someone I’ve decided that I “like” based on some non-athletic criteria then experiences in-game success. Case in point? Von Miller. Here’s what I said back on draft day: 3. Tears of […]

What to Do About Tim Tebow?

Could it possibly be Tebow decision time already in Denver? And by decision time we mean a choice that has nothing at all to do with the starting quarterback position, but, instead, his future with the franchise? My oh my how quickly things change. As a Jets fan based in New York, I can’t claim […]

A Tebow Start? Color Me Intrigued

It could be Tebow Time in Denver, and I’m all for it. In fact, it might be the most compelling storyline of the weekend should it happen. Sure, I am anxious about what remains of the Jets once-promising season, but from a genuine curiosity standpoint, the idea of Tim Tebow starting under center on Sunday […]

Tebow, Jets and More Thoughts on Draft

Tebow Steals the HeadlinesPhoto: AP Act one of ESPN’s new three-part miniseries on the NFL Draft is done and in the books. The story? Well, at least according to media – and most fans – for better or worse is Tim Tebow. You know what? I don’t mind. Sure, the hype is beyond nauseating, but […]

And on the Week’s Third Day…Tebow Threw

Sometimes I really hate the media. They make stories out of nothing. And, occasionally, they do it so well that I find myself illogically gravitating to those ridiculous “news” items and following them with disproportionate interest. For example, Tim Tebow will throw a football tomorrow. Yes, the former Heisman trophy winning quarterback is scheduled to […]