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Nats awesome Jayson Werth gnome playoff promo

Nats awesome Jayson Werth gnome playoff promo

The Washington Nationals begin their 2014 postseason journey in a few hours in D.C. as they get set to face the San Francisco Giants. The ‘Natitude around the capital city is strong to quite strong, so tickets are not easy to come by. However, the Nats are opening up a unique opportunity to a few […]

My nephew's Nats are heading to the postseason (he better appreciate it)

My nephew’s Nats are heading to the postseason (he better appreciate it)

This Nats flag was billowing in the wind outside my sister’s place in D.C. a few weeks ago when my wife and I visited her in D.C. Playoff pride. It’s a wonderful thing. Last night, the Washington Nationals clinched the NL East making it that much more official…and real. It all got me to thinking. […]

Bryce Harper "that's a clown question, bro" now in t-shirt form

Bryce Harper “that’s a clown question, bro” now in t-shirt form

Every day here at The Legend, we can’t help but have at least one “ain’t-the-interwebs-grand” moment. Today’s is the that’s a clown question bro t-shirt. It’s not surprising, which is why the instant nature of this new world is simply mahhhvelous. Here’s the quick background that led to the garment’s creation, courtesy of ESPN. A […]

The Jim Riggleman Debate: My Take

We like debate. Sticky issues with compelling (and in some ways equally persuasive) arguments on both sides are juicy fodder. So, Jim Riggleman, we owe you a thank you. Your resignation today is at the very least a lightning bolt for discussion. If you want to boil it down, Riggelman has been working on one-year […]

Another Mets Friday Farewell (Bags Included)

Empty Seats and a Bag Head So it was, we made one last trek out to Citi Field last night. Our final appearance for another lost season. We questioned why we were bothering and who was even pitching for our Metros (turns out the dangerous Pat Misch…who happened to hurl a gem). But in the […]

Looking Back at that MLB Strasburg Commercial, Riiiight…

Random thought. Remember when that “Beyond Baseball” MLB commercial came out earlier this summer? Do you recall the dramatic voice over and highlights of Strasburg interwoven among clips of hurling legends like Ryan, Koufax and Gibson? How everyone got all in a tizzy about it from every angle imaginable. Umm, this is awkward, now. And, […]

Breaking News: Strasburg is Stop and Watch Good

OK, I’ve now officially had my “Strasburg moment.” It took place at the gym ironically, a place I haven’t seen after-work on a weekday in quite some time. Like everyone, I’d heard the Strasburg hype ad nauseam and caught plenty of highlights and a few live batters here or there when the Nationals found their […]

Hey Phillie Phanatic, Trying Bringing that GaGa to Chip Hale’s House!

The Phillies are so hot, even their mascot is burning up the Interwebs. Compliments of With Leather, here’s the Phanatic doing his Lady GaGa thang. Nats coach Pat Listach seems nonplussed, if not mildly perturbed. Assuming things keep going the way they’ve been going, I hope at least third base coach Chip Hale makes it […]

The Nats are the Cure for What Ails Us

The Mets limped through Boston and somehow escaped taking two out of three in Fenway. I was there in Beantown, and I still couldn’t believe the Omir Santos-inspired Saturday finish. Three days later, now officially down Church (DL), Reyes (DL), Beltran (knee) and Cora (DL), and with the powerful Ramon Martinez still manning short, what […]

Nats Elevating The Blown Save to Art Form

One of the Nats Many “Artists” I frequently bitch about the Jets and Mets and the agonizing way in which they constantly seem to find new and appalling avenues to losses. The funny thing is that neither is really all that bad. I mean, despite rants like this, this Mets squad is still four games […]

Stokes Notches First Save in 12-0 Squeaker

This here is Brian Stokes. He recently got the call up to the bigs for the Metros and made a spot start about a week back. He was decent, throws hard and has temporarily found himself a home in the Mets (horrific) bullpen. We’re pulling for the kid (although, he’s a few weeks from 30, […]

Nats Park Needs Some Character

Nats Park has potential, but needs our help I’ve seen two Nats games in the new ballyard and, as earlier reported, I like it. With the HD Jumbotron, the natural ballpark look, the local cuisine, and the cool batting cage, it’s got the accouterments of a great ballpark. It’s not quite complete, though. It lacks […]