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Thank Goodness for the Draft, So the Stinkin’ Mocks Can End

Mock This
Photo Via Canal Street Chronicles

Mock This Photo Via Canal Street Chronicles

Mock This
Photo Via Canal Street Chronicles

Tomorrow night, Commissioner Goodell will welcome the world to Radio City Music Hall. The Houston Texans will be on the clock. The madness will begin. Thank. Friggin. G-d. Because with that declaration, it will signal the death of the far-more-insane mock draft phenomenon. It can’t come soon enough.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to discuss the top prospects and even those little-known names who have a chance to extend their careers at the professional level. There are countless story lines filled with intrigue and emotion. But the exercise of mocking every damn pick…in every damn round…it’s gone completely off the rails. Every site. Every blog. Everywhere you look. Gimme a break.

Let’s take my Jets. It’s fine to look at some receivers, as it’s a clear position of need. There’s also a decent chance we could go that route with the #18 pick. If we stay at number 18…you know, depending on what happens in the first 17 picks…which is ridiculous and somewhat insane to try to prognosticate…although everyone is doing it. So, if THAT’s stupid and crazy, how absurd is it to mock out rounds 1-7???? Sure, I’m pretty sure the Jets will go value late in round seven AT PICK #233 (!!!!), probably looking at a guard like XX from XX. I see them taking a bit of a risk on more of a small school talent there who’s got a lot of upside.

Think about that. Not only does it sound dumb coming out of ANYONE’s mouth, but it certainly does from the majority of us armchair quarterbacks. What’s more, a ton of these mock draft-creating folks are just playing mix-and-match with names. The colleges affiliated with those players? Many couldn’t name which conference they represent or what state in our union that institution planted its foundation. It’s the worst kind of fantasy. I give a slight pass to those who are doing it, because it’s attached to some sort of potential monetary gain (e.g. contest, pool). Otherwise…

ENOUGH. I can’t wait for it all to end. When fantasy becomes reality. Git r done, Gang Green.

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