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The least satisfying end to a baseball game ever?


I’ve watched a lot of baseball in my day. There have been some crazy endings to games. Dramatic. Unbelievable. Inspiring. Putrid. This one…this one…is just utterly unsatisfying. Even for the winners. I guess the fact that the pitcher is fired up can be explained by the fact that the game is over – and his Missoula Osprey were victorious. But maybe a quick fist pump and silent walk off the field would be more appropriate on this particular occasion.

See the video below for the curious ending to this Pioneer League regular season game in Helena, MT. Helena Brewers player Raul Mondesi Jr. jacks what should be a game-tying home run in the home half of the 1oth inning. Except he misses home plate on his trot leading to several minutes of awkwardness and an awful ending. Pay particular attention to pitcher and catcher who have zero idea of how to make the appeal. Then listen to the crowd’s stunned silence as they try to piece together WTF just happened. I would think Raul Jr. might never do that again.

HT: Deadspin

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