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The Mannings are Back with “Football on Your Phone” (VIDEO)


Certain elements, when combined, can almost guarantee a sports blogosphere explosion. The Manning Brothers, rap song and video are three of those elements. DirecTV knows it. It’s why they combined those potent ingredients and stirred them together to create what is already becoming an Internet sensation in only a few hours. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s “Football on Your Phone.”

So, how good is it? We’ll give it two thumbs up…but not crazy-enthusiastic ones. Eli and Peyton’s respective haircuts and facial expressions make the whole thing. The Mannings continue to be marketing stars by being their own Manning-ish selves. The milk-related lyrics and mataphor dropped at the 1:55 mark are also pretty dope. Still, it’s nothing compared to some of these MasterCard instant classics. Call me old-fashioned, but I’ll take these over football on my phone any day of the week…and multiple times on Sunday.

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