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The Nats are the Cure for What Ails Us

The Mets limped through Boston and somehow escaped taking two out of three in Fenway. I was there in Beantown, and I still couldn’t believe the Omir Santos-inspired Saturday finish.

Three days later, now officially down Church (DL), Reyes (DL), Beltran (knee) and Cora (DL), and with the powerful Ramon Martinez still manning short, what could possibly keep this team from taking a nose dive? I mean, eventually, the players are what they are, right?

Enter the Washington Nationals — the ultimate anecdote to whatever ails you. The Nats, now 13-32, made the new-look Mets of Tatis, Fernando Martinez, Ramon Martinez and Pagan look like world-beaters in a 6-1 NY victory. Can you say Livan Hernandez complete game? Honestly, I love the Nats.

In all seriousness, though, the Mets are beginning to give me hope which is always dangerous. Think about it. The crew from Queens has managed to go 5-5 on a recent road swing to LA, SF and Boston with a roster torn to pieces and have since won their first two games back at home, even more undermanned, against the hapless bunch from D.C. The 10 games that follow offer more Nats, along with the Marlins for three and Bucos for four.

If the Mets can tread water or even come out a few games over .500, you’re looking at a scary team once the critical pieces of the lineup fall back in place assuming the pitching contunues to hold up. Folks like Pagan, Cora, Murphy and Reed may be scary when they’re all part of a starting lineup, but they look damn good as bench players. Fingers crossed. How ’bout Sheff!

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