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The New York Knicks: an immensely watchable experiment

It may have started with Linsanity. The “drama” of Melo’s return added intrigue. J.R. Smith’s arrival and Baron Davis’s debut contributed more layers. But it’s no longer just about Lin, although he’s at the heart of it all. The bottom line is this: the 2011-12 New York Knicks have become an incredibly interesting experiment from which it is hard to divert your eyes.

In a lockout-shortened season, the Knickerbockers have managed – through calculated moves, unforeseen occurrences and a monster dose of dumb luck – to concoct a deliciously complex cocktail. I’ve got friends who stand on every end of the spectrum — from the delightfully delusional to the most heinous of haters and everywhere in-between. The anti-A’Mare faction. The trade Carmelo contingent. The Howard hopefuls. Bring on the bulls to break up the bunch. Each of them could be right…and each could be horribly wrong. That’s what makes this Knicks soap opera a can’t-miss drama.

The Knicks have elements they’ve not had together on a roster in quite some time. A competent distribution-oriented point guard. A defensive-minded interior presence. Role players that could assume valuable roles. Young pieces capable of contributions. There are sharpshooters and even some defensive specialists. There are also hotheads and huge egos. Those who may be on their last legs and several whose young legs have yet to feel the burden of even half an NBA season.

It’s an incredibly symphony that contains almost every instrument to make beautiful music. Those same musicians can also quickly fall out of key to create a frightening cacophony of nails-on-a-chalkboard awfulness. It’s all an incredibly delicate balance.The conductor will play a crucial role, yet it will hinge on getting this personnel group to play the only genre of music he knows and do so in perfect harmony.

Should they find a way to hit all the right notes, it has the chance to be quite the spectacle. If not, a train wreck of epic proportions. Either way, one thing has undoubtedly changed with this edition of the New York Knickerbockers. They have transformed from a depressingly predictable bunch that was literally unwatchable¬† into an immensely captivating reality show. Seldom has “work in progress” so accurately defined an NBA team.

We sure as hell can’t help to watch. It’s a fascinating experiment.

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