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The right play: Miami Dolphins and Peyton Manning need each other

Soon Coming to the Physical World

Coming Soon to the Physical World

As a Jets fan, the thought of Brady and Manning in-division is an unpleasant one. I’m also convinced it’s coming. The stars are simply too well-aligned. It makes perfect sense for Manning. It makes perfect sense for the Miami Dolphins. Anyone trying to convince me otherwise, is going to have a tough time. Here are five reasons why Manning will be the next bright star to take his talents to South Beach.

1. Manning Makes the Dolphins Relevant: Miami doesn’t care about this football team. They haven’t for awhile. The Fish have made just one playoff trip in the last decade. There’s a proud history, but little enthusiasm for recent editions. There are no star players or personalities to truly rally around. Manning is the ticket. For owner Stephen Ross, this is the golden opportunity to put fans back in seats and bring some energy to this team. How long shouldn’t be a consideration. The alternative is more of the same sh*t.

2. Quarterback Wasteland: I’ve not done a scientific analysis, but I’d be shocked if many franchises could compete with Miami in terms of the barrenness of its signal-calling field over the past two decades. Sure, nobody’s come close to replacing Dan Marino because such a task is nearly impossible. But, just to give a sense, here are some of the esteemed season passing leaders for the Phins over the past two decades: Fiedler, Feeley, Frerotte, Harrington, Lemon, Pennington, Henne and Moore.

Plenty of Lemons, Including Cleo

Did you catch that list? Care to read it again? It’s breathtakingly bad. For years, the Dolphins have lacked a legitimate signal-caller.  Now, you’ve got a chance to bring in one of the best of all-time. How do you not do it?

3. The Dolphins Don’t Suck: OK, they’re not particularly good. But, consider that they went 6-3 down the stretch last season with Matt Moore at the helm. They have a decent defense, a foundational star at left tackle in Jake Long and offensive weapons in Brandan Marshall, Reggie Bush and slot receiver Devon Bess. How much better does this team become with Peyton Manning? And, if Miami fans dare to dream, what if Reggie Wayne arrived on Manning’s heels as is gaining buzz already? All of the sudden that offense – spread with Wayne, Marshall, Bess, Hartline and Bush in the backfield, all being orchestrated by Mr. Manning – is downright frightening.

4. The Windows Match: Manning’s got two or three decent seasons you hope. While Miami is getting younger, who knows how much juice is left in the tank for guys like Dansby, Bush, Marshall and some of the more talented players on the Miami roster. This isn’t rebuilding mode. This is now-if-there’s-ever-a-time time.

5. Sunshine State: Weather, schmeather, right? Well, maybe wrong in this one instance. Peyton is undeniably great. He’s also a 36 year-old, 13-year NFL veteran who’s played over half of his career in the comfortable confines of a home dome. Miami may be the next best thing.

So, is Manning heading for South Beach? We think it may be a two-year match made in heaven. Arizona, though, may be able to make a similar case. We’ll just have to wait for the one-hour TV special for the decision.

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