The Single Best Thing About the Melo Deal (sort of kidding, only sort of)

Melo, meet Manhattan. Manhattan, Melo. Sure you guys will get along swimmingly…or not. The hype and hoopla is over and one can debate ad nauseam what remains. If nothing else, Carmelo Anthony brings a new level of intrigue to the Garden. He also has seemingly managed the impossible. And that of course is the greatest trick of all. The one that is getting far too little attention. Somehow, the Knicks (cross our fingers, if reports are true) are close(?) to making Eddy Curry disappear.

Of course, we’re speaking in more figurative terms. Let’s admit, it’s awfully hard for Curry to disappear anywhere, although his vanishing from the Knicks lineup for the past few seasons has been quite the magic act. Now, finally, Curry’s stint in New York may be coming to a close. I’m sure he’ll flourish in Minnesota. Who knows? Maybe he’s ready to go and really will shine. I hope he does.

Curry never seemed like a bad kid. And he would’ve been cut some more slack if not for the tens of millions of dollars following him around in his growing Knicks’ jersey. He’s played 10 games in the past two seasons…and taken home more than 20 million dollars. That’s 20 mi..mill…I can’t…even…I can’t.

Anyway, if nothing else, thank you Melo for somehow finding a way to expedite the departure of one Eddy Curry. We wish him luck. Somehow the guy’s still only 28. Stranger things have happened (than Eddy going on to experience success at this point). I can’t think of many off the top of my head, but I’m sure they have. Right?

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