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This is the Heisman Hype Office, Paging McCoy, Ringer

I can’t believe I’m actually encouraging this discussion at such an early date. When you’re still wearing shorts on the weekends, even in New York City, that’s usually a decent sign that any and all “H talk” should be kept to a minimum. We know that, but we still just can’t help ourselves. We are victims, product of the Heisman hype machine.

So, what exactly is it that we wish to bring to the party? How about two new names? We’ve seen the lists from the authorities across the country. The rundowns of Moreno, Bradford, Daniel and Hall. We’re not here to debate whether Saturday’s Gators and Dawgs losses should slip Tebow and Moreno from the ranks. Instead, we are here to offer up two individuals worthy of entering the discussion. Anyone who witnessed this weekend’s results is acutely aware that one week can change it all. But it’s time Colt McCoy and Javon Ringer start to garner a few whispers here and there.

Let’s start with Ringer. For those of you who still asking “who?,” Javon Ringer runs the football for the Michigan State Spartans. Not to get all Heisman-isophical here, but that’s probably the biggest issue for Ringer in terms of legitimately jumping in the Heisman mix. State was in the “others receiving votes” category in the preseason coaches poll and would be considered a great story if they somehow throw up a 9 or 10-win season. That’s what may need to happen for Ringer to get his due.

That said, his performance to date on a 4-1 Spartans squad merits attention, if nothing else. Take his numbers and compare them to those of Moreno at Georgia who had previously been at the top of many a pundit’s list. Following Saturday’s action, Ringer has racked up more yards (699 vs. 455) and two more TDs (11 to 9), although Moreno has Ringer in YPC (6.6 vs. 4.9). Bottom line, Ringer is second in the nation in rushing right now. Warrants discussion.

Then there’s McCoy. Unlike Ringer and the Spartans, Colt is playing for a ‘Horns team that was a fixture in the preseason top 10 pretty much everywhere you looked. Colt has come out firing again for now 4-0 UT. The quick rundown: 14 passing TDs and only one INT; 80 for 100 for a nice round 80% completion rate; oh yes, and 278 rushing yards on 34 carries for another four scores and a hearty 8.2 rushing yards per carry.

Now, Mr. McCoy is no Vince Young (in Austin) but those run-pass stats are nothing to sneeze at. Roll em up and you’ve got more than 1,300 total yards and 18 touchdowns for the fifth-ranked team in the country. Should Colt somehow lead the ‘Horns past Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout, he automatically jumps from outsider to frontrunner right alongside Chase Daniel. We realize Hall is also in the mix, but we just can’t bring ourselves to believe the BYU signal-caller is still going to be relevant come the final weeks of the season. Call it an east coast bias, blame it on a lack of respect for BYU, we just don’t see it happening.

So, roll out the Heisman campaign Web sites for Javon and Colt and get those athletic department PR folks working late-night, it’s time to welcome two more players to the party. Because we said so…

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  1. Anonymous

    September 29, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    you forgot the nations leading rusher, Uconn’s Donald Brown and his 906 yards and 11 tds through 5 games.

  2. Sam

    September 30, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    wayyy too early to be talking about this, no?

  3. Cecilio's Scribe

    September 30, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    yes, absolutely. we should be reprimanded, but just couldn’t help ourselves.

  4. lastrow

    September 30, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    VY, through the first four games of the national title season, averaged 6.6 yds/rush.

    Not comparing Colt to VY, but I do think it interesting that Colt is gaining more per carry (up to this point).

    Though much of the season remains, it looks like Colt has overcome that stinger he suffered against K-State back in ’06 (thanks Doug Flutie).

    Judging by his performance last season, I didn’t think he’d get over that.

  5. Mac G

    October 2, 2008 at 12:40 am

    Ringer squats like 600lbs plus too and is a physical freak .

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