Thursday a Judgment Day of Sorts for LeBron

Most of us who experienced both eras stubbornly hold on to the assertion that His Airness stands (or flys) alone on hallowed NBA ground. Despite all that I’ve “witnessed,” my opinion has never wavered. LeBron is undoubtedly spectacular. Yet, until multiple rings adorn his fingers and that real, I mean cold-blooded real killer instinct emerges, Jordan remains alone in his personal stratosphere.

In fact, most expert pundits point to that very competitiveness as the differentiator in putting Jordan atop most of the “best ever” lists, versus anyone else who might try to challenge be it James, Bryant or any other past legends. It’s with that backdrop in mind that this Thursday’s return to Cleveland is most compelling in my mind. Of course, the storylines around LeBron’s departure from the Cavs, the surprising respective records of both his former and current team, increased security, bitter fans and all the rest is what will play out most prominently in the media. But I want to see how the King performs…because I have a strong feeling about how MJ likely would.

Thursday should reveal a lot about LeBron James. Jordan would have been salivating for this moment were he ever to have been placed in a similar situation (I don’t see the Wiz/Bulls matchups in the same light). This scenario would have played to everything that made Jordan, well, Jordan. It is a chance to put a team on his back. The opportunity to show Cleveland, Miami and his teammates that LeBron James can not only carry a team, but shut everything else out and dominate. On Thursday LBJ can make a statement about his own ability and stature as a megastar, one that could be louder and more significant than anything about his relationship with Cleveland, the future of Eric Spoelstra or anything else.

All eyes will be on LeBron come Thursday night. His performance on-court performance will speak volumes. I can’t wait what his play has to say.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Say what? LeDouche has already proven he can dominate an individual game – both in the regular season and post-season. The only way to get a real comparison to Jordan is if he puts his team on his back and delivers rings. If The Heat were to face the Celtics in this coming post-season – that would a better indication of how close he is to Jordan – but still not the ultimate answer.

  2. Cecilio's Scribe says:

    i think…um, like, we agree. kind of

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