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Tim Tebow’s arrival best-case scenario for Sanchez

How much more motivation do you need?

How much more motivation do you need?

Mark Sanchez couldn’t ask for anything more than Tim Tebow’s arrival in New York. No, I am not joking. There could not be a better scenario for the Sanchize to prove he’s the man for Gang Green (or not) once and for all. Enough with the coddling. Let’s drop the talk about “feelings.” This is a professional game. You need to prove you’re the man by performing on the field. This is the season for Sanchez to do that. And, if you needed any sort of push, what could be more motivating than this one?

In a sense, this is as safe a scenario as could present itself for Sanchez. After two promising seasons complete with two AFC Championship appearances, the play of the Jets signal caller fell off last year. This was no longer the guy as cool as the other side of the pillow chomping down a hot dog on the Oakland sideline. He lacked confidence, and it showed.

The Jets were perfectly clear in their intention to bring in a backup quarterback to “push” Sanchez this off-season. So, this is no surprise. By bringing in Tebow, the Jets have provided an extra nudge that may come more from rhetoric than reality. Of the quarterbacks on the market, Tebow’s credentials are not particularly impressive when one considers the goal was to add a proven back-up that could compete with Sanchez and be a serviceable starter. Despite his heroics in Denver, Tebow has much to prove that he is indeed even that.

Tebow is an entirely different kind of player. And I harbor hopes that he can be a very good one. But many would argue his quarterback distinction itself is suspect. Sanchez has the chance to immediately pigeonhole Tebow as exactly what so many believe him to be — a versatile, tremendously talented athlete and excellent football player who can help a team by running, blocking, catching and, on rare occasions, throwing the football. Should Sanchez prove up the task, he will answer all the critics in the loudest manner possible. Murmurs of his self-confidence will be obliterated if he were to succeed and grow with the overwhelming shadow of the media monument that is Tim Tebow in town.

Sanchez already had much to prove. Now, he’s got the perfect scenario to establish his worth and squash any doubts. It’s a perfect storm to prove he’s the passer some think he can be, the leader many want him to be (by bringing together powerful locker room forces) and the professional that so many doubt he can become. We’ll see if he’s up to the task. He can thank Tim Tebow for setting the stage.


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