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Time for Joe Namath to shut his piehole

Always something to say Photo: CBS NY

Always something to say
Photo: CBS NY

It’s time for Joe Willy to S.T.F.U. on the J-E-T-S. Namath, the Hall of Famer and prominent “Jets legend,” made yet another one of his increasingly-frequent media appearances to talk about his former team. This time it was on Boomer & Carton.

In what has become par for the course, Namath took the opportunity to critique the organization in this case calling out the Jets franchise for “misleading fans.” He also shared that he is not on speaking terms with owner Woody Johnson or new GM John Idzik. Question. Is that a requirement? Doesn’t Idzik have enough problems to keep him occupied that placating a former Jet from the ’60s shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of the list?

The popular Jets blogs and forums out there seem to be of two prevailing opinions on Namath. They divide Gang Green faithful into distinct camps.

The first widely believes Namath is one of the few Jets alums to “tell it like it is” and praise him for continuing to hold the Jets, their coaches and their players “accountable.”

Camp number two believes Namath’s rhetoric is too  critical – often without grounds – and is more grandstanding and ego than constructive.

I fall strongly into the latter group. You can, of course, legitimately blame it in large part on the state of the media and, in particular, the New York contingent. They are even more predisposed to the cheap, tabloid headline type of crap that you can inevitably count on Namath to deliver. And admittedly, he’s not always wrong. But his commentary never comes off well-meaning or from a genuine place. He couches it all in how much we cares about the organization, but it feels thinly veiled in a drunken-like desire to stay in the limelight and get attention.

Speaking of…

It’s overdue, Joe. Let’s sit a few snaps out. It’ll be good for everyone.


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  5. bernie

    June 1, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    What an absolute joke. For most of my life Namath was an unabashed Jets cheerleader/homer. He has no reason to bash the Jets other than, as you say, calling it like it is. Which is exactly what he has done. Please tell us where he has been wrong and maybe you’ll have some credibility. This franchise is a perennial joke and yet half the fan base acts like the Jets can do no wrong (despite all evidence to the contrary).

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