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Time to start suing people for sucking


She's going after the kid!

People really need to stop it with the lawsuits. We can thank the McDonald’s lady for helping kickstart our country towards the grotesquely litigious nation it is today.

The photo at left is off Matthew Migliaccio, a Little League catcher from New Jersey whose family is now being sued for more than $150,000 in “damages” by a 45 year-old woman. Their sin? Matt was warming up a pitcher in the outfield prior to his Little League game and overthrew a baseball. It struck one Elizabeth Lloyd breaking her orbital bone. Now, she wants her payday.

Look…I understand the pain and suffering. It must suck. The medical bills must cost a ton. But, c’mon man (or, in this case, woman)! Suing a then 11-year old kid for chucking a ball over the fence by accident? Not to get all common sensical, but how about keeping your head on a swivel? Maybe a little attention should have been paid? OK, even not, can we at least play human and chalk up a kid’s accident to just that. Shi**y luck for sure, but a six-figure law suit?

I just can’t wrap my arms around it. The details of the suit claim Migliaccio’s throw was errant and intentional…reckless…and it took place all while “engaging in inappropriate physical and/or sporting activity.” You know, because throwing a baseball before a Little League baseball game seems completely out of the ordinary and clearly inappropriate. Sorry lady, not seeing it. Maybe my lawyering campadre Erie’s Scribe will make sense of this for me. But I say give the kid a break (OK, bad pun).


  1. Erie's Scribe

    June 25, 2012 at 8:00 am

    Sorry pal, I can’t make sense of this. Judges do have the power, though, to toss sanctions at a lawyer who brings a frivilous case.

    The throw was errant and intentional? Was it hot and cold too? And big and small? And short and tall?

    I kind of hope people start randomly throwing baseballs at this lady.

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