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Tony Romo never misses a sponsorship opportunity – even in the delivery room

Starter baby

When I was growing up way back in the 90s, Starter was the shit. Look for the stars and you’ll find sta-sta-Starter. Whisper it with me…

Starter doesn’t have the same cachet today. However, the brand does have one high-profile NFL endorser to their credit – Tony Romo. Romo signed a blockbuster deal back in 2008 for five years and $10M to promote their products…and promote he has. Since Starter is not an official NFL partner, Romo is unable to rock his Starter gear on the field or the sideline. So, Tony does his damndest to sport that backwards hat with the star logo in your grill at virtually every other opportunity. This of course does not exclude the birth of his first child.

Starter baby

Gotta give it to him. The guy works it for Starter. That’s what you want to see as a corporate sponsor. Now, if he could only lead the Cowboys to where they want to go.

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