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Tony Sparano looks to bury the past for Raiders…uses football to demonstrate


Tony Sparano has been handed the reins of the Oakland Raiders…at least on an interim basis. The coach is ready to do anything to start to change the losing culture of the 04 silver-and-black. He is apparently starting with a metaphor. How powerful a metaphor…well, I’ll leave that up to you.

You see? He’s BURYING THE PAST. Say goodbye to the football, the SYMBOL of all that is evil and unholy. ALL that contributed to those four losses — hell, even one to the hapless JETS — is now gone. Vanquished! Go forth, Raaaaiiiiiddders.

Yea, whatever. They still suck. Sorry, Sparano. Don’t think you’re going to be that guy that’s going to do it. Do you get the sense that Tony sat down and thought…hmmm, where to even begin? Then, looked up motivational tactics. Selected #42 in the big book of coach tricks. Buried Football.

And here we are…

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