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Umpire Bill Welke makes his case for worst call of the year

Blow a call, set off Leyland

Blow a call, set off Leyland

Umpires have a tough job. Incredibly difficult. Still, you’re at the big league level for a reason. So, you’ve got to be ready to handle the heat when you blow one. And Bill Welke blew one on Monday…big-time.

The call came in the second inning of the Tigers-Red Sox Memorial Day affair. The miss was magnified because the extended at-bat for the Sox Mike Aviles turned an inning-ender into a three-run frame for Boston, who would go on to win 7-4. The immediate result of Welke’s whiff?  A livid Jim Leyland and bench coach Gene Lamont went ballistic and both received the old heave-ho.

Leyland continued to offer a fairly logical argument for his ire during his post-game presser. Seeing as it appears Aviles didn’t touch the ball…and catcher Gerald Lair caught it in the air…well, we get it.

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  1. Dave Smith

    May 29, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Welke was not in position to have made the call and if you look at the replay, where he was standing when he made the call, it becomes very clear that there is no way he could see the ball hit the ground or go into the glove. Welke gambeled and the film clearly shows that he lost his wager. What now? Nothing. It is as Leyland stated “we are all held accountable in this game” and a system needs, no must be set up where a bad call, specially an obvious bad call, costs that umpire somthing. I will bet there aren’t as many bad calls like that again. Isn’t it funny how all of the “game changing” bad calls seem to go against Detroit though? This is a perfect case to argue the video replay issue just as a certain no hitter would have been handled differently as well. Just one mans opinion.

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