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Vick is Going to do Nasty Things for Iggles

Vick is Going to be a Scary Sight for Opponents
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Michael Vick made his return to the field last night. Everyone knows that. I, for one, am excited he’s getting the opportunity. But, if you come here occasionally, you already know that. Chances are you watched the highlights, and there was precious little to go on. Anyone who makes bold declarations of Vick’s prowess or probability of failure based on the body of work from Thursday night is a moron. But it’s pretty clear Vick is going to be a nasty, nasty weapon for the Eagles (see that? I love breaking “rules”).

I’ve said it from the start, and I’m even more convinced today. Not only was this a good risk for the Eagles, but Vick is going to be a big-time contributor to the team’s success in 2009. There was little to analyze from last night’s performance, but all I wanted to see was the very little things. Did he look “lost?” No. Did he look like the athleticism had mysteriously disappeared, even just a little bit? No. Did his body language look right? I know this sounds like a ridiculous thing to throw out there, but I say “yes” based on very unscientific examination.

For me, it was just as much about observing how Vick looked to be approaching the job as it was the throws and the runs. I liked the fact that he reminded me of the college QB in a two-QB system (in his demeanor) who did his work and then came to the sideline and obediently awaited further instructions from his head coach. It was very…workmanlike…or something. Tell me what to do it, and I’m ready to do it. I know, that should be the way it always looks. Many times, it does not appear to be so.

The larger point is (if there is one) that Vick’s physical gifts are still there. He can run, move around the pocket and has a cannon for an arm. His downfalls came when the Falcons’ fate rested on his shoulders – or, more specifically, his arm – and success depended on making the right downfield reads play after play after play. That won’t be the case in Philly. His reps will be fewer, allowing him to be more focused, and I think even looser (mentally). The Eagles predictably didn’t show much of how they’d potentially use Vick, but just seeing him in different formations it’s clear to see the possibilities.

I think Vick is going to tear it up. He is going to be slash on speed. I just hope Goodell makes a decision one way or another sooner than the currently murky “deadline.” The guy has earned the right to get back on the field. The fans, no matter what some detractors say, want to see him. All it does is make the NFL product that much more appealing and entertaining each and every weekend. Time served.

Thursday night was the amuse-bouche. I can’t wait for the main course. It’s going to be tasty for the Eagles, and tough-to-swallow for their opponents.

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  1. jacob watson

    August 28, 2009 at 11:52 am

    Go Vick I'm glad you made a big comeback…

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